This Week’s Theme: Washington D.C.

This week we are checking some seriously haunted locations in one of my favorite cities. I love Washington D.C.! I have so many memories of visiting there often with my family growing up. I love the museums there, the various monuments, and love Chinatown. Even as an adult, Washington D.C. has been the place I go to escape from life when I need a break. I love getting lost in the history around me.

The two places I’ll be talking about this week are seriously haunted locations. I chose these locations because I had never heard of them before. The amount of activity that goes on in these locations is surprising. I will definitely have to go visit these locations in person. Does anyone want to join me for these paranormal investigations? Let me know in the comments below!

To get you in the mood for this week’s theme, check out this post that talks about the Demon Cat that stalks the Capital building.

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