How Many Ghosts Haunt Here?

The subject of today’s post was one that was sent to me via Instagram. Thank you, James H. for recommending this topic. He said this was a location that he visited as a child and remembered hearing other kids playing on the second floor, but he and his sister were the only kids visiting the house at the time. I had not heard of this house before he recommended it and it was fun to research to it. If you have a place, cryptid, or urban legend you want me to talk about on here, please let me know. I am always looking for new topics to research and learn about. You can either let me know in the comments below, message me on one of my social media pages, or email me. 

Today’s subject is The Old Stone House in Washington D.C.. It is located at 3051 M Street in the Georgetown neighborhood. This home is the oldest building on its original foundation in Washington D.C.. Christopher and Rachel Layman built the home in 1765. The home is a three-story stone house with packed down dirt floor. After Christopher’s death, Rachel sold the house to a wealthy widow named Cassandra Chew. Mrs. Chew added onto the house to make room for a store in the front of the house, a proper kitchen, and to add space for her six slaves. Upon Mrs. Chew’s death, her eldest daughter, Mary Smith Brumley took over the home with her 15 slaves. The home would remain privately owned until 1953 when the National Parks Service bought it. An urban legend that was later proven false is what triggered the National Parks Service to want to preserve the home. The urban legend said that George Washington use to use the house as a meeting place during the Revolutionary War. He actually used an inn down the street. 

With the house being over 250 years old, you would expect to find one or two spirits roaming the rooms. This isn’t just the oldest home in Washington D.C., it is also the most haunted building. There are reports of at least eleven different spirits! People have reported seeing a woman in a brown dress, a man with long blond hair wearing a blue jacket, a woman on the third floor sitting in a rocking chair, a young girl on the stairs, a young black boy, a little boy named Joey on the third floor, a carpenter, a heavyset woman has been seen on the stairs and in the kitchen, a man in short pants, and a man in colonial-era clothing has been spotted in the master bedroom and on the second floor. There is also another spirit that has been experienced often named George. George has a history of attacking visitors by either biting, scratching, pushing them, or even choking them. He especially seems to target women and has been known to sexually assault some female visitors. Many paranormal teams have captured EVPs with George’s voice on them. 

With all of these spirits in the house, you can expect a lot of activity. Staff and visitors have reported feeling intense dread while in the house, but that feeling goes away as they exit the house. Cold spots have been felt often throughout the house. People have reported hearing voices talking, whispers in their ears, and grunts. Items on the shelves have a tendency to fall off the shelves by themselves. People outside the house have reported seeing various different people peering out of the windows. In the kitchen, women have been seen cooking and working before vanishing quietly. A woman has been seen carrying a lantern throughout the house. Children have been heard running and laughing throughout the house. 

This house is very active and definitely someplace I want to check out. Except for George, it sounds like a happy home that spirits are reliving their former lives in. George definitely makes things a little darker. I wonder what his story is and why he hates women so much. If you go to this location, please be careful of George. Also, let me know if you go here or if you have been here. I would like to hear about any of your experiences here. 

This weekend is the Haunted Horror and Paranormal Film Festival in Nauvoo, Illinois. I will there the whole weekend for the festival. Keep an eye out on my social media for updates about the festival. I will also try to go live during the paranormal investigation at the Cambre House Saturday night, but that depends on my cell signal. I’m really excited about this festival! 

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