2022 According To The Cards

Happy New Years! I hope y’all had a good holiday and weekend. So far my 2022 is off to a great start! I even managed to check off one of my goals from the previous post. I mean technically I guess I could have checked it off before the new year started but I am still counting it for 2022 because I like starting the new year off on the right foot. 

The goal I managed to tick off my list was getting a part-time job. I had been putting in applications to many places in the last few weeks of December. On December 30th, I had an interview with an older gentleman who was looking for an assistant to help him around his apartment, run errands for him, and do some meal prep as he recovers from an injury. The hours vary every day depending on what he needs but for the most part, it should be part-time (5-6 hours a day typically) and weekends will usually be off. The pay is also better than I was expecting to get since I haven’t really worked in a few years. I had my first full day this past Friday. My boss is a sweetheart and I am really enjoying my job so far. It honestly doesn’t feel like I am working. It is the same sort of thing I would be doing at our house but I also get to socialize with someone. I’m really happy so far. 

***Since I wrote this blog post for the other blog, I have quit the job. I was not aware how toxic this person would be. Since I have quit, I have seen him posting for a replacement at least three times. I’m guessing my replacements aren’t lasting more than a couple of days either. I am back to applying for jobs and looking for a good part time job.***

Friday after work, I came home to beautiful flowers and tons of chocolate candies from Jeremy and the pets to celebrate my first day. Jeremy had also made a delicious sushi bake for dinner. It was fun to eat and surprisingly filling. This will definitely be something we take to our next friend’s gathering or party. After dinner, we went our separate ways for the evening. He wanted to play video games in his office (which I don’t mind at all because we all need our own hobbies and time on our own to have a good mental headspace) and I went to our bedroom to do some tarot readings for myself. I was also watching horror movies with Katniss and John Paul because we love those kinds of movies. 

On New Year’s Eve, I always do a tarot reading to let me know what to expect in the coming year. This year I wanted to try something different. I usually use my favorite tarot deck, The Black Tarot, for my personal readings but I want to insight into this year. So I used a deck I bought while I was in North Carolina visiting my mom. It is The Antique Anatomy Tarot. This is a deck that I had purposely had not used because I wanted something with no old energies tied to it for this reading. I really loved using this deck. The cards are beautiful and easy to use. Below is the results of the reading. 

How will 2022 be in general? Seven of Elixirs- Don’t get lost in delusions. Don’t waste time wondering about outcomes. Make a decision and do it. 

January: The Hierophant. A time for research and learning. Ask for guidance when I start to struggle.

February: Four of Rods. A time for celebration and joy. Don’t forget to do the work that is still needed.

March: King of Elixirs. A time for peace and calm. Life settles into a pattern.

April: Knight of Coins. A time for hard work and helping. Be consistent to make progress. 

May: Page of Coins. A time for research and study. A good time to start a side hustle.

June: Four of Blades. A time of rest. Your body and mind need a chance to heal.

July: Three of Blades. A time of sadness. Mourn but move on with your life.

August: Nine of Blades. A time f anxiety and fear. Focus on mental health.

September: Knight of Rods. A time for fun but don’t forget to complete your work. 

October: Two of Coins. A time of balance. Keep an eye on finances. 

November: The Sun. A time to glow. The hard work from this year is paying off and recognized. 

December: Eight of Rods. A time for opportunities. Take risks and reap the rewards. 

While this reading is simple in its answers, it helps me plan how to do things for the year. For example, judging by what February and May say, those would be good months for me to launch my podcast and when to restart my jewelry and candle business. I can also tell that this summer is going to be hard for some reason (honestly my gut feeling is telling me to prepare for a death but I don’t know who’s), so I will not plan so much for those two months and try to have my stuff flexible for that time period in case I need time to travel, to mourn or recover from whatever happens. But by the end of the year, things swing back to being happy again so at least I know the dark period won’t be forever. 

It will be interesting to refer back to the list to see how accurate my reading was. I’m pretty decent at doing readings for others but when it comes to myself, I know I read too much into things at times and misinterpret what the cards are saying. I do offer tarot readings. If you would like one, please send me a message. 

What superstitions do you follow on New Year? Do you believe in tarot? Have you had a tarot reading or done one yourself? Let me know in the comments below. 

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