This Week’s Theme: Texas

Now that things are getting back into a routine I can work with, lets get back to the paranormal posts y’all know and love. While I haven’t really spent much time in Texas, I love the places I have visited briefly while driving through the state. This week’s posts will be about haunted locations and urban legends in Texas. I have picked some pretty interesting topics that I think y’all will enjoy. 

This isn’t the first time that I’ve talked about some of the haunted locations in Texas. Check out these links below to read about some of the creepy places in Texas. 

The Alamo Remembers

Not Always A Happy Ending In This Forest

I Will Not Watch The Ocean

What creepy or bizarre tales have you heard of that from Texas? Let me know in the comments below. 

Y’all have a good week! If you aren’t subscribed to this blog, please do so that you can be notified when I have new posts up. 

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