The Ghostly Lady Of The Sea

About six and half hours south of Terrell, Texas is Corpus Christi. While Corpus Christi is home to many haunted locations, the place I want to focus on today is a place where even the ghosts help around the location. On that note, let me introduce you to Lady Lex. 

The USS Lexington (aka Lady Lex) was commissioned on February 17, 1943. Originally the ship was suppose to be named Cabot but when the original USS Lexington was sunk in the Coral Sea, this ship was renamed the USS Lexington to honor both the original ship and the battle of Lexington that happened during the Revolutionary War. The USS Lexington is classed as Essex-class aircraft carrier. According to, Lady Lex was a part of almost every single major operation in the Pacific Theater. She was called the Blue Ghost by the Japanese because they claimed to have suck the USS Lexington at least four times but it kept showing up. Her first casualty was when Nile Kinnick (the 1939 Heisman Trophy winner) was conducting a training flight and his Grumman F4F Wildcat plane developed a severe oil leak. He was not able to land safely on the ship and ended crashing into the sea about four miles from the ship. On November 5, 1944, a kamikaze pilot crashed either near the ship or onto the ship (different references have stated different things). She was quickly repaired and back out to sea much to the chagrin of the Japanese military. She was briefly decommissioned from 1947 to 1955. From 1955 to 1962, Lady Lex was spent most of her time in San Diego as a part of the Seventh Fleet. In 1962, she was moved to Pensacola, FL to become a training carrier. While she was an operating ship, her crew was about 1,550 members. Both men and women served aboard this ship. During her time of actively serving in the Navy, 370 people were killed on the USS Lexington. 

In 1991, she was officially decommissioned and moved to Corpus Christi, TX to be turned into a museum. Lady Lex has been featured in several shows, movies, and commercials. Both Ghost Labs and Ghost Hunters have filmed episodes on the ship. It was also used in the movies Pearl Harbor and Midway. Pepsi also featured the ship in their 2015 Super Bowl commercial. 

If you go to see the ship now, there is a good chance that you’ll encounter something paranormal. Many visitors have reported either being touched, seeing shadow people, or hearing running when no one else is around. There are several different spirits that have been seen by workers and visitors alike. There is a spirit in a sailor’s uniform that is known to help lost guests back up to the deck. There is another spirit in a sailor’s uniform that likes to teach visitors how the turbines work and then vanish from sight in of shocked visitors. Another spirit, who is known as Charlie, that likes to give tours of the ship. Charlie as been seen by as many as 200 visitors so far. They have described him as having light colored hair and blue eyes. He is said to be wearing his dress white uniform. Workers have reported that items that are behind glass or sealed off areas get moved often. When a restoration crew took a break from painting an area, they came back to find all the painting already finished. Workers have mentioned that lights have a tendency of turning themselves on and off. A couple who was visiting the ship claimed to see a dark haired man in a denim work shirt jump to a lower deck before vanishing from sight. A staff member reported seeing what looked like a man in a Japanese pilot uniform and a man in US sailor uniform vanish down a hallway. People have reported hearing and smelling of food cooking in the kitchen. 

Not all the spirits on the USS Lexington are nice or welcome. Some terrify the visitors and workers aboard the ship. People have reported seeing a terrifying spirit that has no eyes in it’s heavily scarred face that lungs at them and then disappears before it can touch them. Others have reported hearing terrified screams from parts of the ship that are sealed off. Some people have reported not only weapons being fired but have also reported smelling the smoke and burning that is associate with battle. 

Whether you visit to learn about history or to see the spirits that roam the hallways, the USS Lexington provides both who are willing to venture aboard her decks. If you have visited her or plan to visit her, please let me know. I would love to hear about your experiences. Hopefully one day I will get to visit the Lady Lex. She definitely seems to be an active ship when it comes to the paranormal. 

Next week we are moving to the west coast. Let me know in the comments below where you think next week’s topic will be. A little hint, its not California (that’s several weeks away). Check back on Sunday to see if your guess was correct. 

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