This Week’s Theme: Hawaii

This week I will be discussing another state that hasn’t really been mentioned too much on this blog before but it is one that has been highly suggested. This week we will be checking out two locations in Hawaii! I hope to one day be able to visit Hawaii or maybe even live out there if the military allows us. Speaking of the military, the only time I have mentioned Hawaii on this blog is on the post where military members and their spouses shared their stories of haunted bases they were at. You can read that post here

The two places I’ll be writing about this week were really interesting to research. One is an obvious one that I had to write about. Can you guess where I am talking about? The other is one that a reader recommended a while ago that is such a bizarre history that I couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been mentioned more often in the paranormal world. I can wait to share both posts with y’all and hear what you think of them. 

I hope that y’all are having a good weekend and hopefully y’all will be having a great week this week. I am still adjusting to my new schedule but loving my job. Baby Z is doing great and we are bonding well. He loves being outside just as much as I do. Jeremy still has another two weeks or so until he will be back home for good. It’s been weird not having him home during the week. John Paul has adjusted amazingly to it but the cats still seem confused. Bagheera has been ultra clingy but not showing signs of being stressed. Katniss has been shredding a box in Jeremy’s office and has made a nest for herself in his office chair. I think him being able to come home on the weekends has really helped them not completely freak out. 

What’s being going on with y’all? Have you been to any new spooky places? Heard of any good legends that I should look into? Let me know in the comments below. 

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