This House Is Scarier Than Most Horror Movies

Hawaii has many paranormal topics that would take us weeks to get through everything but when I heard about this one house, I couldn’t not talk about it. Honestly the first time I heard about it, I didn’t think it was real. I really thought the TikTok videos I saw of it were made up until I actually started doing research on the subject. At the time it was just fun research but when Hawaii came up as a weekly theme, I knew this topic had to be discussed. Not only was the Kaimuki House the most haunted house in Hawaii but the hauntings were documented in the newspaper and by the police on more than one occasion. 

The Kaimuki House is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. It is haunted by a Japanese spirit called a Kasha. Kasha are cat like demons that known to feast on the fresh bodies of humans. By eating the bodies, the Kasha is able to take the person’s spirit to Japan’s version of Hell. This demon is known to have an insatiable hunger for blood and corpses. Kashas don’t have to stay at a location. They can come and go as they please and sometimes have been known to follow their victims. But why is the Kasha drawn to this particular house? According to the research that I’ve read, it was either attracted to the property by a murder or it caused the tragedy that happened there. Supposedly a father killed his whole family. His wife’s and his son’s bodies were found but the body of his daughter was never found. I haven’t been able to find specifics of the murder but the next time the spirit popped up, I was able to find documentation of it. 

On August 13, 1942, the police were called out to the house by the neighbors worried about the screaming coming from the house. In the house, the police found a woman throwing leaves and water on her children (a boy aged 10 and two girls aged 18 and 20 years old). The woman said that her son smelled a spirit in the home and when the spirit was called out, it began to attack the kids. While the police were there, they witnessed the kids being slapped by unseen forces and levitating. The police and the mom were able to remove the kids from the house and the four of them went to stay at the mother’s sister’s house. The mother explained that she thought the spirit was there because her husband left her and that it was his fault it was there. The leaves and water she was throwing at the kids were ti leaves, water and salt. It is a combination that some Hawaiians think will cleanse a spirit from an area. Just judging from what happens a few decades later, I don’t think it totally cleansed the spirit away. 

In the 1970s, the police were called back out to the house. Three girls were staying at the house when they felt a presence there. One girl said she felt an arm on her hand. They wanted to police to follow them to one of their mother’s houses. The girls set off in their car with the police following behind them. The girls’ car then pulled into a random parking lot where the police noticed that one of the girls seemed to be fighting something. When the police officer got out of his car to help them, he was attacked as well. He ended up calling in for other units to come help him. They put the girls into one of the police cars but the police car immediately shut off and refused to restart. The police put the girls back in their car to try and diagnose the issue with the patrol car. The patrol car started back up with no issues. The police decided to let the girls try and drive themselves again to the mother’s house. They had only driven a short ways when a door on the girls’ car opened up and the girl that was attacked previously was kicked out of the car by unseen forces. 

Despite these incidents, people continued to live in the home but they rarely lasted more than three months. During my research I came across a blog that one resident had started and the blog was really interesting to read. I won’t give away all of the things he wrote about because I really think you should go check it out. Some of the things he mentioned were that he would wake up at 4:33am every day feeling absolutely terrified, the AC would always make it 60º in the house even though it was set to 72º, they would feel a cold spot in their chest often, and he would have feelings of paranoia. He did mention that he didn’t think it was a Kasha in the house but instead a more respectful ghost but do respectful ghost really make you feel paranoid or wake up feeling terrified? 

I am not including the address to the house in this post because the house has since been torn down and duplex has been built instead. The current residents of the location deserve to have peace if they aren’t dealing with a spirit. If the house hadn’t have been torn down, would you have stayed there? What do you think the ethics are of removing a ghost that is known to hurt or kill someone? Or do you think the house should be left to the spirit and the humans leave both alone? Personally, I think the location should be left alone but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I will say that I am surprised that there hasn’t been a movie made about this house yet. With as popular as other haunted locations have been for movies, you would think a blood crazed demon that can chase you out of the house would make a great storyline for Hollywood. Who knows, maybe we will see The Kaimuki Horror House in a theater soon. 

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