The Hauntings Here May Be A Family Affair

This location in Nashua, New Hampshire was an interesting topic to research. It was also a hard topic to research because so much of what I was reading I couldn’t tell what was urban legend and what was history. No matter what seems to be the truth versus local legend, the activity at Gilson Road Cemetery is definitely interesting and seems fairly active. 

There are many urban legends about the history of the area before this became a cemetery. One legend says that long before there were white settlers in the area, that a medicine man was banished to that area of the woods due to him messing with the dark arts. After he was banished, he continued to lure young warriors from the tribe to his woods with the promise of making them stronger through magic. Instead of helping them, he would sacrifice them to have a longer life. When he died, his spirit remain trapped in those woods and it would attack those who dared to stray into his woods. Another legend says that the site of the cemetery was once the battle site of two warring tribes. The spirits of the warriors killed in battle are angered by the settlement of outsiders on the land and attempt to strike out at those that venture into the woods. A third legend says that before there was a cemetery there, a farmstead was there. The stone wall that runs the border of the cemetery was actually the wall that ran the perimeter of the farmstead. One night the farmstead burned down which killed the family. The family was buried on the property. A few years later another family built a new farmstead on the same location. Unfortunately, that farmstead burned down as well, killing the family. The second family was buried on the property as well. After that the location became a cemetery. While researching the history of the cemetery, I kept coming across rumors that the cemetery was used as a dumping ground for murdered victims but I could not any actual proof of this. 

With all of the urban legends swirling around this location, it’s not surprising that there is quite a bit of paranormal activity reported at Gilson Road Cemetery. People report seeing glowing lights floating through the headstones. A woman in a white dress is seen walking through the cemetery. People report hearing screams, whispering, and even voices calling them from the cemetery. A unusual fog or mist has been seen gliding around. People claim to be pushed by unseen forces. A person who was driving past the cemetery said that he saw a man sitting on the wall of the cemetery in 1800s period clothing. The person drove about 300 more feet before turning around but the man he saw on the wall was gone. Cold spots have been felt through out the cemetery. A figure in a long black hood as been seen on the edges of the cemetery. There have also been reports of a ghost riding a motorcycle down the road in front of the cemetery. The reason they say he is a ghost is because there is absolutely no noise when he drives past. 

There seems to be a few spirits that are connected to each other. A young child have been seen wandering around the cemetery by themselves. He is thought to Walter Gilson who died when he was 5 years old in 1811. There is an odd thing with his headstone though. After it was carved, a 1 inch wide hole appeared in his headstone. No one can explain it. Occasionally they have been seen in the road in front of the cemetery. An urban legend involves the spirit of Walter’s mother. Poor Betty Gilson lost at least three babies at a young age not including young Walter. The legend says that if you call out “Betty Gilson, I have your baby” a woman in colonial clothing will appear looking for her child. Her spirit has been seen wandering the cemetery and the street looking for her children even without being called. Her husband, Joseph Gilson’s headstone has been reported as glowing green at night. 

Whatever the history may be, we can’t deny the activity that is happening at this tiny cemetery. Hopefully the spirits find rest soon. It pains me to think of the mother looking for her children who are wandering around the same areas as she is. Please don’t provoke her by saying you have her child. She is already suffering enough in her afterlife without that painful deceitfulness. 

Have you been to this cemetery before? Have you experienced anything here? What do you think about the urban legends talking about the history of the location? Which ones do you think are possibly rooted in truth? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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