Where The Devils Roams

Before we jump into this post I would just like to announce that this is my 200th post on here!!! I will probably be celebrating with goldfish crackers with my dog, John Paul Jones because that is our snack of choice when I sit down to write since I have a lot more writing and researching ahead of me today. It’s been a bit since we have talked about cryptids on this blog. Thankfully New Hampshire has two for us to check out today. I hadn’t heard about either of these until I was trying to find topics to write about for this week’s theme. If you have heard of either of these cryptids, let me know. 

The Devil Monkey Of Danville

When you come across stories of a Devil Monkey plaguing a town, it’s easy to write it off as joke or an urban legend getting out of hand. When one of those reports comes from the town’s Fire Chief, you sit up and pay a bit more attention. That’s exactly what happened when I first started researching the Devil Monkey of Danville, New Hampshire.

This creature was first seen for about two weeks between August and September, 2001. Residents said that it looked like a baboon but much bigger and meaner. Reports of it say that it ranges from three feet to eight feet tall. Its hairy,has a dog like face and pointed ears. It is suppose to have razor sharp teeth and claws with massively strong jaws that it uses to attack local livestock, pets, and other wildlife. People who have seen it say that walks on all fours but it has also been seen walking like a human, on two feet. It can cross a field in just a few leaps and jump incredibly high into trees. Residents reported hearing monkey hollering coming from the trees. 

The Fire Chief, David Kimball, said that he saw it early one morning. He said “It jumped out of a the trees. As soon as it hit the ground, he took a giant leap and went back where he came from. The first thing I thought I had was ‘That’s nothing native to here.’” He described it as a reddish brown primate with a dog like muzzle running down the street. A local boy told his mom that a monkey had taken his peanut butter cookies he had in his tree house. 

All the reports of the Devil Monkey running amuck in Danville was just starting to be picked up by national news when the September 11, 2001 attacks happened. Understandably, that caused the national news to forget about the monkey. Danville tried to forget about the monkey and almost did until it decided to show back up again. In 2011, a new resident, who hadn’t heard the previous reports of the monkey, said that she saw a monkey climbing down a tree while hosting a cook out. She was the only one to see the monkey at the time. There haven’t been any new reports since then. 

The Wood Devils Of Coos County

There is another type of devil creeping around the woods of New Hampshire. Reports of this creature have been received since the 1930s. These devilish creatures have been compared to Big Foot and Sasquatch but judging by their behavior and appreance, they aren’t the same species but probably related. The Wood Devils, as they are known as, are tall, skinny, grey haired creatures but they aren’t as tall as Big Foot or Sasquatch. They are only 7-9 feet tall compared to Big Foot and Sasquatch who get to 9-11 feet tall. They are also much skinnier than their counterparts. Also unlike their counterparts, Wood Devils have long, pointed faces nd cone shaped heads. 

There were spikes in Wood Devil sightings in the 1930s, 1970s, and in the past decade. Hikers and hunters report coming across more often than Big Foot reports happen. There are also more reports of finding Wood Devil footprints. They are found deep in the New Hampshire woods that run along the Canadaian and Vermont borders and in Coos County. Due to the location of their sightings, they are considered to be a part of Applachian folklore. They blend in easily with their surroundings. Typically they stand really still hoping you mistake them for a neighboring tree. If you do see them, they are known to let out a loud, terrifying scream. 

Niether of these creatures seem to be out to harm humans. They seem to just trying to live their lives when they accidentaly stumble into the pathway of a human. Its a shame their names label them as devils when they don’t seem at all devilish. Have you heard of either of these cryptids? Do you think they exist? Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are. 

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