This Week’s Theme: Minnesota

This week we are heading back towards the Midwest for this week’s theme. I’ve only been to Minnesota once and that was for a long layover from Japan to North Carolina to see a high school friend, Grace, and to meet her husband a few years ago. One of the many cool things about Grace is she was the officiant that married Jeremy and I at our big wedding. She also made on of my favorite mugs. Since I was only in Minneapolis for a few hours, I didn’t get a chance to do anything spooky. 

The places I am writing about this week definitely fit the spooky factor y’all have been looking for. Once place is hotel where the guests don’t like to check out and the other is location that has a creepy urban legend that many people like to check out. Also the first episode of the Paranormal Housewife Podcast drops this week. Make sure you are subscribed to the show on any of the platforms you listen to podcasts on so you can be among the first to listen to it. 

I hope y’all are having a good weekend and doing something fun. Jeremy, John Paul and I have been hanging out with friends at various parks everyday this weekend. They are doing a Pokemon Go event while John Paul and I soak up the sun. We all appreciate living where it is warmish during the winter for outings like this. What are y’all getting into this weekend? Let me know in the comments below. 

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