Are These Locations Truly Haunted?

Before we get into today’s post, I wanted to share something interesting that happened last week when one of our friends, Abby, came over for a visit. Abby came home with me after checking out that really cool bookstore I posted about on my Instagram. We were hanging out in my office when Abby decided to download the Necrophonic app. She had been experiencing some activity at her house and had seen the app on TikTok. Knowing my house would have activity she opened the app to see what we would get. Almost immediately Abby’s voice came through the app. We were both so caught off guard by hearing her exact voice come through that we didn’t catch what it said. We spent about ten minutes talking to the app and getting answers telling Abby she’s safe if she’s indoors and the app calling out her husband’s name a few times. After a bit I started getting that gut feeling that it was Al talking to us and pretending to be someone else. I asked if it was Al talking us. The app laughed and said it was Al. It actually said “I am Al” in a completely different voice. 

“Are you pranking us Al?” I asked.

“Yes I am.”

“Why are you messing with me?” Abby asked.

“I am bored.” 

“You pranked Abby because you’re bored?” 

“Yes. I am bored.” 

“Did you mimic Abby’s voice to mess with her?”

“Yes. Bored.”

Ladies and gents… This is what its like living with spirits. Abby and David have been over before when we lived in Illinois and we have been to their house when they were still in Illinois. They are both familiar with our spirits but this is the first time that Al tried to mess or prank one of them. I love Al. He definitely makes life interesting for us. 

Getting back to our topic for today’s post topic. Today’s post is actually about two places in Nebraska. I decided to group them together because the type of activity that is supposedly experienced at both locations is very similar. Actually its also very similar to the activity experienced at Crazy Annie’s Bridge. The two locations I am talking about today are Seven Sisters Road and Devil’s Canyon. The thing about these locations is I wonder if these locations are truly haunted or are they just local urban legends? 

Seven Sisters Road

Seven Sisters Road is a in Otoe County, about 5 miles south of Nebraska City, Nebraska. According to local lore, seven women were killed in the 1900s before there was a road. One local legend says it was man who lured his seven sisters out one by one to kill them while his parents were out one evening. He had hung them in trees on the property. Another story says that a farmer went crazy and killed his seven daughters in a similar method. Despite which legend is the true story, the trees were supposedly cut down after the murders and before the road was established. The dirt road was originally named Seven Sisters Road to honor them but was later changed to L Street perhaps to dissuade folks from coming out and messing around on the property. 

Those that do go to this road claim to experience a variety of paranormal activity. Cars are known to stall on the road. Headlights will dim until off the road. Speedometers will freeze. Car window will open and close of their own accord. People claim to hear either screaming, crying, or bells ringing. Some folks say that they have seen red glowing eyes peering at them at night. They also said that they feel an eerie presence when they travel the road. One person said that while they were driving down the road, their car’s radio turned on and started playing “This Is The End” by The Doors. 

Devil’s Canyon

This second location is located about 4 hours east of Seven Sisters Road near McCook, Nebraska. Devil’s Canyon is a dirt road off of East 11th street. Alot of the legend and activity is very similar to what I just wrote about Seven Sisters Road. The legend with this area is that about 100 years ago (actual date or year couldn’t be found with research) a man, who was called The Duke, brought his wife and kids to this location to kill them. After he finished murdering them, he then killed himself. 

The activity experienced here is much like mentioned before where cars will stall out, car batteries die, windows will open and close by themselves, and the radio will change stations on its own. The Duke is known to play tricks on visitors but in all of my research I couldn’t find an example of any of the tricks he would play. Visitors to the area say that they will see a dark shadow walking around their car at night. They also say that watches stop working and cell phone batteries drain quickly in this area. Folks who have come out to this location have said that for several nights after visiting Devil’s Canyon, The Duke will appear in their dreams. 

So what are your thoughts on these locations? Do you think they are truly haunted or just local legends made to spook the locals? Let me know in the comments below! 

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