These Spirits Are Dying To Preform

This next location in Nebraska has an interesting story. The owner, Gerald Bullard, of this location won’t confirm if the theater is haunted but he did say in 2002 “If the theater is haunted, the ghosts are very friendly.” Are y’all ready to hear about the Alliance Theater in Alliance, Nebraska? 

The Alliance Theater was originally opened in 1903 as Charter Hotel. In 1914, the hotel was converted into theater called New Imperial Theatre. At some point, there was a woman named Mary performing a play on the stage when she passed away. She was dressed as a bride when a chandelier above the stage became lose and crashed on top of her. Later 1937, the building went under renovation to give it an art deco look. The theater reopened in 1938 as the Alliance Theater. In 1990, the theater added a balcony to the theater. 

Both staff and visitors to the Alliance Theater have mentioned that the theater is an active location for spirits. Mary, the woman mentioned earlier, has been seen often either dressed as a bride or a quick glimpse of passing white in the corner of the person’s eye. People have also seen and heard a woman in wedding dress crying. A woman, who many assume to be Mary, can be heard backstage practicing her lines but no one can be found practicing their lines. People have commented that they hear clapping coming from the audience but where the sound is coming from, no one is sitting there. Those watching a performance or a movie have claimed to hear someone running up and down the aisles but can never see anyone. Other people have said that they have seen shadow people. A dark figure has also been seen behind the stage area. The projectionists have said that they see and hear weird things while they work but I couldn’t find examples of what they may have heard or seen. In the manager’s office, books and furniture has a tendency to move around by itself. 

The staff say that the spirits help keep the theater clean. One staff member said that she tested it one quiet evening by leaving a small pile of trash and popcorn under a seat that wouldn’t be noticed by the average person. She came back later that evening to check on it and found the pile gone. She said that no one else cleaned the theater and nor would any other employee had seen the pile of trash. She made sure to thank the spirits and let them know that she will do better about cleaning. 

How do you feel about watching a movie or performance knowing that there are spirits watching with you? Do you wish that spirits helped keep your home or business clean? I sure as heck do. 

Unrelated to this post, I do have big news. You may have seen the post on my Instagram yesterday but we have a new puppy! Our neighbors were fostering a few puppies for the last few weeks and one of them really bonded with me, Jeremy, and John Paul. Every day, when I would let John Paul out into the back yard, he would immediately go to the gate we share with our neighbors to see if the puppies were out. I got the call Monday afternoon that we would be able to pick up the puppy Tuesday afternoon. I kept it a secret from Jeremy because I wanted to surprise him when he came home. You can see the video of that surprise below. Without further ado, I would like to introduce Loki, the pup of chaos!

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