These Spirits Monkey Around

On this blog, haunted hotels isn’t too unusual. I mean, heck, we had a whole week dedicated to haunted hotels and have spoken about dozens of other hotels and their spirits but the hotel we are talking about in today’s post has something that the other hotels haven’t had yet. Curious? Keep reading to find out what is hidden within the walls of the Pollard Hotel. 

The Pollard Hotel is located in Red Lodge, Montana. It was originally built as the Spofford Hotel in 1893 with thirty five rooms. It was the first brick building in Red Lodge. In 1902, Thomas Pollard bought the Spofford Hotel and added on another twenty five rooms, an ornate lobby, a dining room, a lounge with a bar, a bowling alley, and a barber shop. In the lounge area, Thomas also added some card and billiard tables. Thomas also changed the name of the hotel to Pollard Hotel and moved his family into the hotel. The Pollard Hotel would become a hangout spot for folks like William Jennings, Buffalo Bill Cody, and Calamity Jane. 

This hotel, while still popular with the living, also seems to be popular for spirits to hang out at. If you are going to experience some of the phenomenon, there are a few rooms you should try to book to have the best bet at experiencing something. In room 310, guests often leave the room with the lights turned off but will come back to all the lights turned back on, even if they have only been gone a few minutes. In room 312, guests often remark that they feel dizzy or uneasy while in the room but will feel normal again upon leaving the room. Down in room 203, however, guests often report that they will hear knocking on the door, as well as seeing and hearing the door knob twisting but when the guest goes to check to see who is at the door and to their surprise, no one is there. On the third floor, a woman in a yellow dress has been seen but no one knows who she is. On the second floor, people have reported smelling a strong French perfume but they can’t find the source of the smell before it dissipates. Down in the bar part of the lounge, guests and workers have reported seeing a man dressed in 1920’s style clothing who likes to play pranks on people. I did reach out to the hotel to ask for examples of the pranks he would play. The employee laughed and said she hadn’t heard of that spirit yet but she said that she had heard of and experienced George, the monkey that is the walls of the hotel. 

The employee I spoke to on the phone said that most of what happens in the hotel usually gets blamed on George. George isn’t a living monkey anymore. He belonged to Thomas’ children and while the hotel was being renovated, it is believed that George somehow got walled up in one of the walls. In the basement lights have a tendency of turning on and off by themselves. Workers report hearing weird noises and pinging down in the basement. 

If the Pollard Hotel isn’t enough to reason for you to go to Red Lodge, then maybe the UFOs will entice you to come out. In 1977, there was a large UFO event that was witnessed by a 12 year old little girl. Since then other reports of UFOs appearing in the night sky have come in. Come for the ghosts and stay for the aliens. 

Which would you be more interested in seeing? A ghost or an UFO? Personally I would have to say ghosts but seeing a UFO would be pretty cool too. 

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