This Week’s Theme: Arkansas

Happy Sunday, y’all! How are y’all doing this weekend? Doing anything fun? Yesterday, Jeremy, John Paul, Loki and I went to a local mall for a dog party. It was a lot of fun. The dogs made out like bandits with bags of kibble, treats, toys, and other fun stuff. I found a great rescue that I may start volunteering with. It was fun to get out of the house together for a bit. Tonight Jeremy and I are going out to a magic lounge for our anniversary. Technically our anniversary is tomorrow but we didn’t want to be rushed going to the lounge and back home again on a work night. I’m really excited to be going to the magic lounge. I have never been to some place like this before. I will let y’all know how it is.

I do have some interesting news. We finally found a team that we trust enough to come into our home for an investigation. The investigation will be happening this Friday night, April 1st, at about 10pm Pacific Standard Time. I will be live streaming from TikTok while they do their investigation. Feel free to join in. We will be assisting the investigation but not running the investigation. We want to see what evidence they get without us leading them to anything. Closer to the day of the investigation I will post the team’s information so y’all know who is coming and in case you want to watch their livestreams as well. 

This week on the blog we will be checking out a couple of interesting haunted homes in Arkanas. I have mentioned Arkanas briefly in a post a while back when I talked about some of the activity at the Crescent Hotel. If you are a cat lover, you should check out that post for sure. You can read it here. 

Also this week, we have the third episode of Paranormal Housewife Podcast! This episode’s topic is haunted dolls. Of course I talk about Elizabeth a little bit but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to see who else I talk about in the episode. I think you’ll enjoy it. 

I hope y’all have a great day! If you’re doing something today, tag me in your pictures. I like seeing y’all living your lives. Have a great week and I’ll see y’all back here in a few days for some creepy ghost stories. 

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