A Death For Christmas

The topic of today’s post is a haunted location that has intrigued me for a while now. I first heard of this case when it appeared on My Ghost Story and then again later on Ghost Hunters. I don’t know what it is about this haunted location but this is one of the cases that is often in the back of my mind. When I made the plan to talk about haunted locations in each state, I knew the Allen House would one of the topics for Arkansas before I even knew what the other topic(s) would be. 

The Allen House is located Monticello, Arkansas. The Allen family moved into the house in 1900. The Allens had a daughter named Ladelle. Ladelle would sometimes also go Ladell or Dell. Ladelle was born on March 24, 1894 (happy belated birthday, Ladelle). Life in the Allen house was fairly quiet. 

In 1914, Ladelle married Boyd Randolph Bonner and moved out of the home. She gave birth to Elliot Allen Bonner a year later. In 1927, Ladelle divorced Boyd. Unfortunately in 1944, Ladelle’s son Allen Bonner passed away after having complications from pneumonia. Ladelle would move back to the Allen house in 1948 to take care of her mother who had since become a widow. Shortly after moving back home, Ladelle ran into her high school sweetheart, Prentiss Hemingway Savage, who was back home visiting his family. Despite the fact that Prentiss was married and lived in Minnesota, he and Ladelle started to meet and write each other secretly. Within a few months of their rekindled relationship, they hatched a plan that Prentiss was to leave his wife at Christmas and runaway with Ladelle. Shortly before Christmas, Prentiss let Ladelle know that he couldn’t leave his wife and that he was ending his and Ladelle’s affair. 

On Christmas Day, Ladelle spent the day preparing for a large party for their friends and family. That evening as everyone was celebrating downstairs, Ladelle slipped away to the master suite that was her room. There she quietly consumed a mixture of mercury cyanide and rum. When she was discovered, she was rushed to the hospital where she passed away a few days later. Her funeral was held at the Allen house.

After her death, the master suite was sealed up. From 1956 to 1986, the house was divided up into apartments. The tenets in the apartments would claim to experience paranormal activity often in the house. Mark and Rebecca Spencer would purchase the house in 2007 after trying to buy the house for over two years. Rebecca felt a strange need to live in that house as soon as she drove past it one day. 

After moving into their new home, the Spencers began experiencing a lot of paranormal activity. They would see their son, Jacob, in several locations when they know he couldn’t have been in both locations so quickly. They would hear their name called but no one else was in the house. Objects would disappear or move. Furniture would rearrange itself. Shadow figures were seen often. A woman would be seen standing in the window of the master suite. A baby was heard crying despite no baby being in the house. People in the home would feel someone touching them but no one would be there when they turned around. The rocking chairs like to rock by themselves. Walking heard in the attic. Mark found that he had the urge to like inside the floor of the attic. When he gave into the compulsion, he discovered a stack of over 90 letters hidden in the floorboards. The letters were the ones that Prentiss and Ladelle sent to each other. 

Knowing that the paranormal activity was getting to be a bit crazy for them, they asked a local paranormal team to come do an investigation. They came over on the evening of June 28, 2008 and began setting up. As they were setting up their equipment, a large limb fell in the yard and severed the power lines going into the house. The paranormal team had to reschedule for later in the month. During that investigation, the team was able to back up most of the claims that the Spencers had and that there were several ghosts in the house besides just Ladelle, including her dad, son, a man with a gruff voice. Once that evidence came out, the house was featured on My Ghost Story, A Haunting, Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Witness, and Ghost Brothers. With all the attention the house has been getting, the Spencers have embraced the paranormalness of their home. They offer tours on Halloween and allow paranormal teams to come in to conduct investigations. 

I don’t know what it is about this house and why it is one of my favorite haunted locations. Maybe the same thing that called out so strongly to Rebecca is calling out to me as well. If I ever get a chance to go to Arkansas, I am definitely driving pass the house even if its just to wave at Ladelle in the window. 

Don’t forget, episode three of Paranormal Housewife Podcast comes out tomorrow morning! The topic of this episode is haunted dolls. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and other streaming services. I also have a link to my podcast episodes on the side of this webpage. Let me know what you think of this episode. I really value y’all’s feedback.

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