Podcast: Haunted Dolls

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Hi! Hello! And welcome back to Paranormal Housewife Podcast! This is the third episode. If you haven’t had a chance to go check out the first two episodes, I hope you go back and check those out. Not only do I talk about some really interesting hauntings but you get to learn more about me and how I became involved with the paranormal world. Speaking of which, in case you are new to this podcast, my name is Kelly. Besides making this podcast I also have a blog called, surprise surprise, Paranormal Housewife! So if you like the topics I discuss on this podcast, please go check out my blog. There is a lot more spooky stuff there to keep you entertained until the next episode comes out. 

Before we get into today’s topic, I do have some updates to share with y’all. Well, I guess if you only know me from this podcast this will be new information but if you follow my blog at all this will be an update. About a month ago on the blog, I mentioned that we were having activity happen in our house that wasn’t normal for our spirits. The activity has since stepped up in frequency and alarmingness. We have reached out to a few teams in the San Diego area but we are being picky about who we allow to come into our home. We have been duped by a team previously. We did not like how they try to provoke our spirits and we caught them faking evidence. We don’t want to expose our spirits to that type of team again. 

As I mentioned earlier, the activity isn’t normal for our spirits. There are two things that are unsettling. In our kitchen we have a gas stove. The two knobs on the right hand side will twist themselves to the left to where they are almost turning on the flame. It is turning on the gas though. Usually its the inside right knob but lately its been both knobs on that side. There have been times where we have walked into the kitchen and it just reeks of gas. We have to open all the downstairs windows and the front door to air out the downstairs. Since the knob twisting has started (shortly after we moved in back in November) we purposely make sure that when we walk near the stove that make sure we don’t rub against the stove and keep in mind how close we get to the stove. Just things we keep in mind to rule out us doing it. Our pets don’t mess with the stove or even really go near it. 

Another thing that has been happening is our garage as started opening by itself. It has only happened twice but both times to me. The first time was while Jeremy was away working on the ship. I had come home late after work and was talking to my mom on the phone. I had sat in the garage for five to ten minutes wrapping up my phone call when the garage door opened by itself. The only remote to the door is clipped to my visor and the only button for the house is by the door going into the house which is about 5 feet from the car. I could see that no one was there to push the button. Thankfully my neighbor, Hollie, came over to help me unplug the garage opener thingy so the door wouldn’t be able to open during the night. The next day, I contacted housing to have someone come out to look at the machine. The guy came out that afternoon. He checked the wiring, the sensors, and everything checked out as working well. So he reprogrammed the remote and made sure that he was doing it when no one else was opening or closing the garage at the same time. That seemed to fix it until two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I had taken the dogs with me to pick up groceries from Target drive up. When I came home, I let the dogs out into the backyard for a few minutes before going back out to the garage to grab the groceries. I had just opened the back hatch of my SUV when the garage door started to go up. I was no where near either the button by the door or the front of my car where the remote is. I had to jump backwards to the door to slam the button because when the garage door open Loki had come running into the garage and I didn’t want him to run out of the garage. 

In our bedroom, almost every night, we hear loud walking and banging coming from the ceiling. It’s just in the bedroom. No where else. We don’t have an attic space and these noises are too big for raccoon or squirrel. 

Our neighbors have been experiencing some very different. Their experiences started after we moved in and before they knew what I do or that we had haunted objects. Both of our neighbors have been touched by something that isn’t there. They had their backs stroke or shoulder shaken. They have also mentioned that they have felt someone sitting down on the bed but they can’t see anyone there. Most surprising is that their kids have started saying that they have seen a man walking around upstairs. Their daughter said that the man walked through the wall. Their son said he walked through the closet door into the closet. Their son is on the spectrum and never talked about seeing spirits before. I wonder if the parents are experiencing Al because he does have that behavior sometimes after a fight but he doesn’t show himself to folks. I don’t know why he would be checking up on them or why he would be interacting with the kids. The only thing I can think of is whatever is messing with the garage door and the stove isn’t that good of a spirit and Al is just making sure both families are okay. But that is just a guess. 

We have been talking to a local paranormal team called Paranormal M.I.T. and we feel comfortable enough for them to come in to do an investigation. The investigation will be happening on April 1st (no this isn’t a joke) at about 10pm. They will be livestreaming the investigation as will I on TikTok. I will have a link to the team’s website and their social media so you can have an idea of who they are. You can either watch their livestream or watch mine on TikTok. My TikTok handle is Paranormalhousewife. 

So yeah, that is my big update. It’s been kind of crazy over here. How have y’all been? Everything good? Or at least manageable? I guess we should delve into today’s topic. For today’s episode I wanted to talk about haunted dolls. The main reason is because we have a possibly haunted doll. When Jeremy and I moved back to the states, we wanted to see if there are legitimate haunted objects being sold on eBay. We bought Elizabeth in 2018. We were looking at several different dolls at the time but always kept coming back to Elizabeth. This is the message the seller had posted on eBay post:

I am required as per eBay’s policy on the paranormal to indicate that eBay forbids the sale of intangible items and this listing is for ONLY A TANGIBLE DOLL with NO promise of spirit attached. eBay requires me to say that this is all for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.***

I have aquired lots of very special and active dolls and spirit vessels from the estate of a VERY POWERFUL witch, Ruth. She was a dear friend of mine who left them to me because she knows I will send them to their homes.

Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth was always such a positive person.

She was an empath and psychic and helped many people.

She would know if somebody was upset and would go make them feel better.

Elizabeth was also an artist.

She will draw pictures for people and just leave them at their doorstep.

They didn’t know her and she would know what to leave for them.

She would leave others perfect presents and brightened up so many peoples lives and they never knew who did it.

But she knew and that is how she lived her life.

She lived her life to give.

To give to others and to make others feel great.

Elizabeth impacted so many lives.

When she was 39 years old Elizabeth passed away.

Her spirit is in this vessel.

She passed away in the year 2000.

She has been in this vessel for a while now.

The vessel has been passed around and she has helped many people.

She asked to be listed because she knows that she will be able to help somebody else.

She says that you will know if you feel very drawn to her.

Elizabeth will leave you presents.

She will leave pictures and flowers and whatever she feels that you need at the moment.

Elizabeth is so great to have around.

She cures depression and just makes you so happy.

If you feel drawn to her then she is yours she is yours

Many Blessings

Love and Light

Since we have brought Elizabeth home, we have tried to communicate with her with our ghost hunting tools but we haven’t had any success but we do believe that there is something going on with her. For starters, Katniss cozies up to her like she does Rampu. I have other dolls and stuff animals and Katniss ignores them. But with Elizabeth, she curls up around and will make her happy face. We have also had extraordinary good luck in a few cases. With Jeremy, when he was a recruiter, he would have periods of time where no one in the office was getting through to kids, being stood up for appointments, or not being able to get parental consent. But when he would bring Elizabeth into the office, he would prop her up on the couch in the front of the office. While she was there, kids that had previously been ignoring Jeremy would suddenly either call or just walk into the office wanting to sign that day, or parents would be returning phone calls. And it wasn’t just Jeremy experiencing this. Any of his fellow recruiters that were in the office and stopped to greet Elizabeth or talk to her, would also have the success where as those that ignored her, would continue to struggle with getting in contact with kids and parents. 

My experience with Elizabeth is a bit different. In the winter of 2018, I decided to drive from Champaign to Danville, Illinois which is about an hour away to check out a haunted road. Since the stories I had heard involved child spirits, I brought Elizabeth because I thought she might be useful as a trigger object with the kids even if she wasn’t a haunted doll. I was on the interstate going about 80 miles an hour when my car started making a horrible noise. I immediately pulled off at the next exit that just happened to have a mechanic at the end of the exit ramp. The mechanic was able to check out my car right away. He had my car up on the lift when he barely touch the back tire. The tire fell off the axel and bounced across the garage. The mechanic just looked at me and said I was extremely lucky. The last person that had worked on my car hadn’t installed the tire correctly and the lug nuts had all become loose. I probably shouldn’t have been able to make it to the mechanic and I probably would have been in a really bad car accident due to the speed I was going at the time. I believe that either Elizabeth (who was buckled up in the front seat of the car the whole time) or someone else was watching over me and keeping me safe that day. 

We have had other smaller pieces of luck around Elizabeth but getting into all those would make this podcast be a few hours long. When it comes to Elizabeth, we treat her with respect just in case she is haunted. She is actually sitting on my desk beside me as I record this podcast. May be we will be lucky and she will want to tell y’all something.

But Elizabeth isn’t the only haunted doll I’ve met. Back in 2019 I was lucky enough to be able to go on a cruise with my mom, Pam, and my little sister, Magan. Our first excursion port was in Key West. The first thing we did when we got off the ship was to go buy some bottled water at a gift shop before we went on tour. While in the gift shop I noticed a book with a familiar face on it. It was Robert the doll! I couldn’t believe I completely forgot that Robert lived in Key West! Of course I pointed this out to my mom and Magan. Magan immediately understood why I was so excited. We had grown up hearing about Robert from our dad, Unsolved Mysteries, and other television shows. Robert’s story is ingrained in to us like so many other memories. Our mom agreed that we could go check out the museum he was at after our tour. Magan and I both enjoyed the walking tour even though we were completely drenched from the sudden rainstorm that happened half way through the walk. At the end of the tour we ordered an Uber to take us to Fort East Martello Museum. Our driver, making small talk, asked about why we were going to the museum. When we told him we were going to see Robert the doll, he lit up and said that the route we were going to the museum would actually take us past Robert’s old home! He was kind enough to stop so I could take a quick picture of the house. I will link the blog post that talks about our visit with Robert, our pictures of him and of his old home, and the video of the weird thing that happened after the museum in my blog post that has the transcripts for this podcast episode. 

Meeting Robert was great. We greeted him and asked permission to take his picture and a few selfies. I also asked his permission to post the pictures and to tell his story online. We had a great time hanging out with him but when we got back to the ship, we noticed something weird going on with our group chat. Ever since Jeremy and I moved to Japan, my family and us (along with my sister’s roommate) had a group chat on Viber. All of our pictures that weren’t of Robert would open normally. The picture of Robert would only open sideways. The picture wasn’t taken sideways. I have a screen recording showing this in the blog post. Please go check it out and give me your opinion about it. 

I guess with all that being said I should tell you a bit about Robert. Robert was created by a servant in the Otto household in 1904 for Robert Eugene Otto, who was four years old. The child named the doll Robert and insisted that he go by Gene. Robert was made to look like Gene. Some stories say that some of Gene’s hair was used to construct the three-foot-tall doll to help bind the doll to Gene. There are various stories of why the doll was made. Some say that it was because the servant was the primary caregiver to Gene, while others say that she made it to get back at Gene’s father, who may have slept with the young girl and forced her to get rid of the child she became pregnant with after their affair. Whatever her intentions were, Gene and Robert became inseparable. 

Robert quickly started developing a reputation. If anything went wrong in the house from a dish breaking, a messy room, or a bathtub leaking, Gene would be quick to say, “Robert did it!”. Gene’s parents used to hearing conversations between himself and the doll. Sometimes they would hear another voice responding that didn’t sound like their son. Some claim to see Robert’s facial expressions change or notice that the doll had seemed to move locations on its own. 

Gene and Robert’s friendship lasted long past childhood. It wasn’t until he was married that Gene was able to be convinced not to spend as much time with Robert. Gene’s wife, Anne, suggested putting him in a chest in the attic, but Gene let Robert have a room to himself where Robert could sit in a window to watch the street below. Eventually, Anne would move Robert to the attic. Guests would comment that they could footsteps in the attic and giggling. When Gene or Anne would go to investigate, Robert would no longer be in the attic. Instead, they would find him sitting in a rocking chair by his window. No matter how many times they moved him to the attic, they would always find him sitting in his rocking chair a few days later. 

After Gene died in 1974, the house and some of its contents were sold. The new owner tried to give the doll to their ten-year-old daughter. While the daughter loved the toy at first, she soon said that Robert was alive and wanted to hurt her. Shortly after that, Robert was donated to the museum he calls home now. 

Since moving to Fort East Martello Museum, Robert seems to still be up to his mischievous ways. Some of the staff at the museum claim to hear footsteps in the museum, seeing his expression change, or hearing giggling come from his area when no one else is there. Visitors to the museum are supposed to ask Robert for permission before taking his picture. Those who don’t ask him usually have trouble with their camera. They have reported having black photos or the camera not turning on until they have left the museum. The staff at the museum remind visitors to treat Robert with respect. They have received letters addressed to Robert apologizing for their behavior. After the visitor left the museum, the notes go on to say that the visitor was either involved in an accident, lost their job, or some other calamity that happened shortly after being rude to Robert. 

Over the years, Robert’s story has inspired movies such as Child’s Play, The Doll, and Robert. His story has appeared on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Ghost Adventures

When I first sat down to plan this episode, I didn’t just want this episode to be about Elizabeth and Robert because I know those of y’all who follow my blog already know about them. I also wanted to talk about two other dolls that have intrigued me over the years. One of which I regret not going to go see when I sort of had the opportunity. 

While we were in Japan, I really wanted to go up north to see Okiku the haunted doll in person but I never got the chance. The farthest north I was able to go was Tokyo when Jeremy, two of his Marines, and I went camping in Aokigahara (aka Suicide Forest) in the middle of winter. You can read more about that creepy experience on my blog. Okiku the haunted doll is kept at a temple in Iwamizawa, Hokkaido which is over a day’s drive from Iwakuni where we lived at the time. 

So who is Okiku and what is her story? Back in 1918, seventeen year old, Eikichi Suzuki was visiting Sapporo when he walked past a store front that had a beautiful doll in its front window. As soon as Eikichi saw the doll he knew he had to get it for his little sister. The doll was about sixteen inches tall and was wearing traditional kimono and okappa hairstyle. An okappa hairstyle is a medium length bob haircut that is usually about jaw to shoulder length and bangs. When Eikichi gave the doll to his two year old sister, the doll instantly became her favorite toy. In my research I came across a few different names for the little sister. Some places referred to her as Okiku, others called her Kikuko, and other places would call her Kiyoko. For this episode I will refer to her as Kikuko so we can differentiate between the child and the doll. 

Kikuko was seen often playing with, talking to, and sleeping with Okiku. Whereever Kikuko went, Okiku went. The doll was her best friend. Unfortunately the next year, Kikuko became very sick from Yellow fever and passed away. Every story I read about Kikuko and Okiku said that Kikuko died holding on to Okiku. After Kikuko died and was laid to rest, her family put her cherished doll on the family altar to honor her. After some time had passed, the Suzuki family noticed that the doll’s hair had started to grow. The family also said the Okiku would appear in their dreams and that sometimes when they would wake up from the dreams of the doll, Okiku would be lying in their bed beside them. But that wasn’t the only odd thing going on with the doll. The family said that they started to experience lights turning on and off by themselves, hearing banging throughout the house but not able to locate the source of the banging, and hearing strange voices talking in the house. The odd activity would intensify when Kikuko’s birth date and death date would come around. The family believed that the spirit of Kikuko was trapped inside the doll’s body. 

In 1938, Kikuko’s father needed to move to mainland for a job. Kikuko’s family was worried about moving with the doll because they weren’t sure if the spirit in the doll would be happy with the move. So instead of taking Okiku with them, they offered the doll to a local temple. The priests at Mannen-ji Temple were familiar with the stories behind Okiku and were excited to be able to have her at their temple. After her arrival, the priests sent samples of her hair to some labs to be analyzed. The results came back that the hair they sent off was human hair. 

Okiku’s stay at the temple seems to be pleasant. One of the priests began giving her regular hair trims after she appeared in one of his dreams asking for her long hair to be cut. He hair is now almost to her knees despite regular haircuts. Her haircuts have become a special temple ceremony. You can visit Okiku at the Mannen-ji Temple and maybe even attend the ceremony if your lucky but be warned. The temple does not allow any kind of photography. This isn’t because of Okiku. This is a normal thing at many Japanese temples. So, if you do go, please be respectful and don’t try to take a photo of Okiku. 

The other doll I was wanting to talk about in this episode, I have actually been struggling with whether or not I wanted to include him for a few different reasons. One is because I don’t like sharing stories about haunted objects that I think are fake and the second reason is because if he is real, and the stories about him are true, I really don’t want him to sabotage either my blog or podcast as punishment. I decided to include him because as much as I don’t like talking about fake items or events, it is a discussion that has to happen so that other people know what stuff is fact or fiction. I o want to give a warning to those listening to this episode that may have little ears nearby or may be sensitive to cursing, this story does involve some cursing. If you choose not to listen to the next portion of the episode I understand. 

The doll I am talking about is Harold the doll. He was one of the first haunted objects to be sold on eBay in 2003. The seller, Greg, had this posted as the doll’s description:

I’m sure it’s happened to each of us at least once or twice. You are walking around the flea market or antique mall looking for a treasure or two, and you come upon a beat up looking doll. You think to yourself, “oh, that’s charming.” or “the child who owned that doll must have really loved that thing”… but what I thought after seeing the doll that day should never ever be repeated.

This doll was purchased in a small dirt lot flea market in the quaint town of Webster, Florida. Webster is a very charming, industrious town about 60 miles south west of Gainesville. They have a weekly flea market offering treasures, bargains, and aisles of kernel corn… anyways, I digress. I had arrived at the flea market fairly late in the day, when most people were packing to go home. That is when I saw an elderly man placing the doll in a box. It looked interesting, so I asked the man if I could see it… the conversation went something like this –

Man: you don’t want to see this doll.

Me: sure I do, what do you want for it?

Man: well, that’s a good question, because it’s very old… (the man looked like he was going to cry)… it was my son’s, I bought it for him when he was born, and he passed away a few years after… this doll has sat in my work shed for over 60 years. I wasn’t going to bring it out today, but I figured I just needed to get it out of here… anyways, I want $20 bucks for it.

I gave the guy twenty bucks, put it in a bag, and walked away. When I was half way down the aisle, the man came running over, visibly out of breath.

Man: I have to warn you about something, I can’t just let you take him like this… the reason it’s been in my shed, is that the doll brought an eerie presence into our house after our son died… we would hear crying and singing from his bedroom… when we went to check it out, there was nothing, just the doll. Other things started to happen, and the priest told me I should burn the doll, I tried and tried, but it would barely burn, that’s why his arms and head are so worn… anyways, I just want to let you know….

I told him okay, and chuckled to myself as I walked away… that was until I got home, and my life has never been the same… Two days later my cat died, my gf left me for the pool guy, I began to have chronic migraines, and this is only 2 days after purchasing the doll!

A week later I began to hear a children laughing and crying in my basement… Every time I would gho check it out, of course, nothing… This doll has been in an armadillo coffin in my basement for the last year and half, and I need to get rid of it… I really do believe it’s cursed, sometimes I touch it, and it seems like it has a pulse, maybe im just paranoid, maybe not…

The cursed doll measures 21” tall. His/her/its head, arms, and legs are all composition. The eyes are closed when it’s lying down. Please ask any and all questions before you bid on this doll. I have not had it out of the coffin for years, so if anything else happens this week I will be sure to let you know.This auction is sold as is! WITH NO RETURNS! PLEASE! Winner pays exact shipping and optional insurance. Check out my other auctions for more vintage collectibles and other fine antiques. Ask all questions before you bid. Even if you think you are sure about condition, pictures, etc, please ask all SPECIFIC questions, BEFORE BIDDING. Thanks for looking and Good Luck!

The winning bid was for over $700 but the when the winner didn’t pay, Greg gave the doll to a friend of his named Kathy who wanted to get into doll restoration. Greg also admitted to Kathy that everything in the eBay post was a hoax. He made up the story of Harold being a haunted doll because he knew an item with an interesting story would sell for more than a plain vintage doll with no remarkable history. Kathy held on to the doll for a while before posting it up on eBay. Kathy said in her post that the doll wasn’t haunted as originally posted but she believed the doll was cursed. She said that two of her friends who were in perfect health before being around Harold had died soon after meeting Harold. One was a female who was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died a month after meeting Harold. The other friend was a guy who tripped going downstairs shortly after meeting Harold. Injuries from the fall caused the friend to pass away. 

One of the bidders for Kathy’s auction was Anthony Quinata. Anthony said that he only bid on the doll because he wanted to know what the reserve amount was. So he kept bidding until he found out his answer. Shortly after finding out what the reserve amount was he received a message from someone with the screen name StrangeMajik saying that he shouldn’t bother bidding anymore because he (StrangeMajik) had out bid him and was going to be winning the doll. This cause Anthony to want to start a bidding war just to ditch the doll on StrangeMajik with a high price tag. During the bidding war, Kathy reached out to Anthony to see why he wanted the doll. Anthony admitted he didn’t want the doll. Anthony’s bidding war and ditch plan didn’t work out like he wanted and ended up with the winning bid of $720. Anthony claims that Kathy tried to let him out of the deal but Anthony said that a deal was deal and agreed to pay the amount for Harold. 

Anthony claims he is a psychic medium and decided that he wanted to prove if Harold was will or not by doing tests with EMF equipment, seeing if he could get any EVPs from Harold, and by having a psychometrist see if they could pick anything up. A psychometrist is a psychic who reads the energy of an object by holding it. After receiving the doll, Anthony said that his tests with the EMF tools and trying to get an EVP didn’t work. So he invited his friend, April, over because she was a psychometrist. Shortly after they started their experiment April claimed that she couldn’t continue with it because Harold had threatened her. After April left, Anthony reviewed the recording he had made briefly when April was first trying to read Harold. He was surprised to “shut up bitch” and “ I’m going to kill you bitch” when he played the recording back. 

After experiencing his friends getting hurt around the doll, Anthony put Harold in a storage unit for a few year. But he brought it back out when he found out that people were still interested in the doll. Which is another point to why I don’t trust any of this story. 

From the very beginning it was a made up story told just to get a higher payout. And it worked. Greg got a lot of money for the doll and became temporarily famous because of his eBay posting. Kathy even admitted that it wasn’t haunted when selling it. I think Harold isn’t really haunted or cursed. I think he is an average doll that is being used to sell books, interviews, and whatnot to make him more money. I don’t agree with doing that. It reminds me a lot of Zak Bagans and as most y’all know, I can’t stand that man. Nor do I trust anything he says. What do you think? Do you think Harold is a legitimate haunted or cursed doll? What about Elizabeth, Robert, or Okiku? Let me know either on my blog, Paranormal Housewife dot com, or by shooting me a message on any of my social media. I’m usually Paranormal Housewife on all of the social media apps except for twitter where I am Paranormal H W. 

Thank you so much for listening to today’s episode! I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope that y’all will be stopping by the livestream to see the investigation Friday night. I will be livestreaming starting about 10pm Pacific standard time on TikTok. 

In the meantime be sure to check out my blog, Paranormal Housewife dot com. This week’s theme is haunted homes in Arkansas. Both of the locations that I am discussing this week are really interesting and one of them is a house I hadn’t heard about until one of my readers had suggested it. Thank you, Alice, for that suggestion! If you have suggestions for upcoming blog posts or podcast episodes, please send me an email to kelly at paranormal housewife dot com. If you would like to read the transcripts of this podcast and check out the sources used for this episode, check out my blog for the post about this episode. Please don’t forget to rate and review this podcast on whatever streaming service you are using to listen to this episode. It really helps me out and I truly appreciate it. Well, I guess I have rambled long enough. Y’all have a good week and hopefully I get to see you in the livestream Friday night! Bye y’all!

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