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Conveying My Love Of Sushi

I spend way too much time on Facebook. One day a few weeks ago a video popped up about conveyor belt sushi restaurants. I shared it on my Facebook page and one of my friends, Chelsea, commented that there was a restaurant like that here in Iwakuni. Jeremy and I decided to go to it a few days after he came back from Okinawa. I believe the restaurant is called Kura Sushi. It’s in Cazl mall by Tully’s.

The restaurant has two conveyor belt systems- one slow regular one that wraps around the restaurant and one express one that runs above the slow one. The slow one is stocked with various types of sushi, fruit, and desserts. The express one delivers food and drinks that you order on a touch screen above the table.

Jeremy ate a lot of sushi. I was surprised that they had tiramisu as option for dessert. I tried it and something I had seen at festivals and around Kyoto but had never tried. I have no idea what it is. It was a chewy, stiff jello type food that was dusted with something that tasted like grounded up tea. I wasn’t a fan of it but I know its popular in Japan. Maybe once I get use to the texture I will like it better.

When you’re done eating, you feed your plates into a slot just above the table. After you insert 5 plates, a game plays on the screen that you order food from. If the game wins, you get a prize from above the screen (usually a keychain or a small plastic toy). We had about 20 plates so we played four times. Every time we were losers. Thats okay though. The dinner and the experience was a lot of fun.

The surprising thing about this restaurant was that almost everything was only ¥100 ($1) per plate! So even though we ate a lot of food, this experience wasn’t that much more than what we would have spent going to Joyfull or McDonald’s.Which as much as we love sushi I know we will be back soon.

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