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A Blossoming Local Business

Between learning how to make flower crowns at Ashley’s workshop a few weeks ago, all the upcoming balls (Marine Corps ball, Navy ball, Mini Marine Corps Ball), Homecoming for the high school, and the upcoming holidays I wanted to find a local florist. Thankfully Saori from Explore Translations knew of a great florist shop near base. She took to the Flower Shop Bikouen and introduced me to the owner, Keiko Kagawa. Keiko has a great shop near Cazl mall.

Keiko specializes in both fresh flowers and preserved flowers. She showed me some of her arrangements that she had already made. The first one was my favorite. It was a great fall arrangement with lotus seed pods, a pumpkin, pinecones, and fall colored flowers. Surprisingly it was only ¥3,500 ($30). The other was made in what Keiko described as a traditional  Japanese arrangement. This one is sold for ¥2,500 ($25). Both of these arrangements were made using fresh flowers.

Keiko also showed me some corsages that she sells in her store. In Japan they were these types of corsages like boutonnieres. They are really popular for graduations. These were made with preserved flowers and could be used as keepsakes afterwards. Keiko can also provide ribbon to turn these into corsages to be worn on the wrist. Keiko also makes fresh flower corsages that are absolutely gorgeous. The corsages are only ¥2,000-¥3,000.


Before leaving she and her employees showed me some of the arrangements that they have been working on for the Christmas holidays. The make wreaths and wall decorations out of preserved flowers. They are beautiful and the wreath smelled like Christmas. Since they are made with preserved flowers, this is something that could be used for many years.

Keiko has arrangements premade and can take orders as well. She needs at least one day for orders. Since Keiko and her staff speak very little English I recommend ordering online through Explore Translations. If you want to go to the shop, you can find directions here. Keiko is running a special right now. If you go to her Facebook page and like it, she will take 10% off your order for the month of October.

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