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A Colorful Start To Our Weekend

This weekend I took part in my first Color Run. The base had a Color Me Aware Color Run down by Penny Lake. You were suppose to wear a certain color to bring awareness to different things. img_1471-1

I decided to wear yellow in honor of my friend, Melly. I have know Melly for almost 10 years now. She runs a Horror Movie Club back home and that how I met her. Unfortunately due to how life is I haven’t seen here in quite a few years.We talk often through Facebook usually about horror movies, certain TV shows and anything dealing with sharks. Melly has struggled with depression and a few years ago she attempted suicide. I am beyond grateful that she wasn’t successful. Even though we haven’t hung out in a few years, she still would have left a hole in my life and in other people’s lives. Since her attempt she has gone on to much better things. She has traveled a bunch, she has made the Horror Club in to a huge group, she runs a fan support group for Heffron Drive in North and South Carolina, and she is in the process buying her first house. I am so proud of how far she has come.

When I saw the colors for the Color Run and the date I knew I had to do this for Melly. Not only is yellow the color for suicide awareness but it is also Melly’s favorite color. The date of the run is only about a week after her anniversary. I asked Melly for her permission to run in her honor. I was happy with her response.

I had ordered a yellow shirt to wear in the Color Run because I don’t own a single yellow shirt. Unfortunately an odd shipping error happened and my shirt was sent first to a base in Germany and then an air base near Tokyo before being sent to my base. I still don’t have my shirt. I was stressing out about what to wear because there was nothing close by to go buy a shirt in my size and shipping was out of the question. One night I was about to go to bed but something told me to go look in my closet. I have a pile of clothes in my closet (I need to throw out ALOT of my old clothes. I have too many) but I haven’t been through it in a while. I opened the closet and sitting on top of my clothes was a neon yellow/ neon light green shirt. I thought it may have been a shirt I bought for a halloween costume 3 years ago but I realized this was long sleeve and that shirt was short sleeved. When I looked at the size I realized this was one of my Dad’s shirts. I guess I grabbed it last year when I was home for his funeral. Just like when he was alive, my Dad came through for me when I was in a bind.


The day of the Color Run was a cold, wet morning but a lot of people came out for it. After registering, we got goody bag with pins, temporary tattoos and a pair of sunglasses. I ended up getting yellow sunglasses in my bag.


We ran into our friends, Desirae, Dejay, Danielle, and Aristia. We ended up walking with Desirae and Dejay for the 3k.

It was a lot of fun to see everyone out and enjoying the race. There were a lot of kids there and some people brought their dogs out. I kind of wish we had brought Katniss out. The volunteers were having fun throwing the color at people.

It was a great event and a great way to bring in the long weekend. This was my first Color Run and I hope to do more in the future. I am grateful for my friends and husband for doing this with me. I am also happy I could do this for such a great friend, Melly.

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  1. Kudos to u for caring about ur friend an’ spreading awareness about such a serious issue. Depression is harsh and we need to reach out to anyone who suffers because of it. I know a few wattpad users/amateur writers who are posting about their depression and suicide attempts on the writing site and I try to help out by posting messages of hope and advice on their profile. It’s not much but it’s the least I can do for them and it seems to help, since I’ve received thank u messages from them. It feels good to know my advice is helping them 🙂

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