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A Cozy Get Away In Charleston (Charleston Part One)

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Before my arrival my mom had been dealing with months of repairs to her house. She was having both of her bathrooms, master bedroom, and kitchen completely redone due to two pipes bursting while she was away traveling. The construction was still continuing after my arrival. My mom needed a break (and a bathroom that had both a working toilet and sink in the same room), so we decided to that we needed a girls trip to somewhere fun. Since Charleston is just a couple of hours away from my mom’s house we head down for an overnight trip.

Charleston is one of my favorite cities to visit. I hope to one day move there. Everyone is really sweet and I love how rich in history it is. About a week of visiting with friends and family, my mom and I went to Charleston for a girl’s trip. It was also the same day as the election. I didn’t realize that when I made arrangements for the trip.

We stayed at the 22 Charlotte Bed And Breakfast for our trip. It is a really cozy bed and breakfast run by Ms. M. Vaughan Alsbrook. The bed and breakfast is really adorable and charming. Its full of southern charm and hospitality. I loved how she has everything decorated. Her whole home felt very welcoming.

Ms. M. Vaughan Alsbrook set us up in the cottage in the back yard. I absolutely love the cottage. It was much bigger than I was expecting but perfect for me and my mom. I think the cottage is almost as big as my apartment in Japan. It had king size bed and a pullout sleeper sofa. It also has a full kitchen and huge bathroom. The cottage has its own wifi, so no competing with the other guests staying in the bed and breakfast.

My mom and I decided to go out to dinner at Saffron which was recommended by Ms. M. Vaughan Alsbrook’s son (who was visiting from The Citadel). Saffron was amazing and I will tell you more about it on Monday in part two of our Charleston adventure. As we were eating my phone started beeping with updates from the election. We decided to grab some pastries to take back to the cottage to enjoy while watching the results. We also picked up some orange juice and champagne to make mimosas. One of the perks about staying in the cottage is that there is off street parking right by the cottage.

Well, we all know who won the election and I am not here to discuss that. I honestly wasn’t awake for the announcement of who won because that bed was so comfy that I passed out around 11pm. I woke up to the news that Donald Trump won.

In the morning Mom and I went over to the big house for breakfast. Since we were the only guests we sat at the bar in kitchen to talk with Ms. M. Vaughan Alsbrook while she made breakfast. I loved that. It felt more like hanging out a friend’s house instead of staying at a hotel. She made a delicious breakfast that consisted of a yummy giant muffin cut in half, toasted, and buttered (which was the first time I have ever had muffin toasted and buttered before. I will be doing this more often from now on); cut up pineapple; and something she called a train wreck. It was delicious and very filling.


After breakfast Ms. M Vaughan Alsbrook took us on a tour of Charleston. She told us the history of the city and pointed out things that locals only know about. The history she told us about was stuff I hadn’t heard about before. We loved everything she had to tell about Charleston. If you stay at 22 Charlotte Bed And Breakfast, I highly recommend doing a tour with her. If you are in Charleston, I really recommend staying at 22 Charlotte Bed And Breakfast. For more information and to make your own reservations please click here.



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