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A Day Of Horrors And Frights

Long before I met Jeremy and while I still lived in Chapel Hill, I was apart of a really cool group. It was a horror movie meet up group. We would get together often to watch scary movies and go to horror movie festivals. The founder of the group is my friend Melly. Before I planned my trip back to North Carolina, Melly said that she wanted me to come to the horror group and spend the day with me. I was excited to see her and the group again.

We met for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen at Streets of Southpoint. I love pizza and thanks to CPK allowing me to make some changes to one of their pizzas, I am addicted to their veggie pizza. If you want to try it order their California veggie pizza with goat cheese and then substitute dates for the broccoli. It is amazingly delicious. Again I was too hungry and too busy catching up with Melly to take a picture of the pizza. Sorry. I was deprived all the American food I love for 18 months and I was busy making up for lost time.

After lunch we walked around Streets of Southpoint. For those of y’all who aren’t from North Carolina, Streets of Southpoint is a large indoor and outdoor mall. My little sister, Magan, works there and I use to work there as the manager of a Santa Claus photography booth. While Melly and I were walking around, we popped into Hot Topic. I found some cat ears that I had to have. I love them and I wear them often now. Americans look at me strange (don’t care, they are cute) but the Japanese LOVE them. They get as excited about them as I do. Don’t be surprised if you see more pics of me wearing my cat ears.


After shopping for a bit, Melly took me to her friends house in Hillsborough. Her friend, Kenny Caperton, has a very unique house. It is a life-size replica of the Michael Myers’ house from the movie Halloween. Kenny is obsessed with horror movies, especially the Halloween movies. I had heard of his house before but I didn’t know that Melly was a friend of the owners of the house. The outside of the house looks exactly like the one in the movie. The inside is mostly the same. It has the same stairway, hallways, and layout for the kitchen and living room. The inside is completely decorated in horror movie merchandise, posters, and memorabilia. It is a horror movie fans dream to tour it.

Around the outside of the house there were various Blair Witch stick figures. They were left over from the large Halloween party that Kenny and his girlfriend, Emily, threw a few weeks  earlier. Every Halloween they have large parties and show horror movies on the lawn. It looks like it was a lot of fun and we ever move back to the area, I will be attending a Halloween party.

That evening, Melly took me to a horror club meet up. It had changed quite a bit since it first started 10 years ago. Basically everyone attending were new members to me. During the meet ups they watch horror movies and eat food. One of the members brought “Conjur” wings. I thought that was pretty creative since that night they were watching Conjuring and Conjuring 2. The person’s house that we were watching the movies at had built their downstairs area just for the horror club. Part of the basement was a private theater. Half of the seats were couches. The rest were extremely comfortable recliners. There was a rule that whoever sat in the recliners for the first movie were not allowed to sit in the recliners for the second movie. I had seen both of the movies before (hey, I am a huge fan of anything involving the Warrens). Through out the movie people would call funny remarks about the movie so we ended up laughing through the two horror movies. It reminded me so much of how my life use to be and what life could be like if we were to move back to the area. I know Jeremy would fit in with this group of people and would enjoy nights out like this.


I am trying hard not to daydream too much of moving back to Chapel Hill but this trip just made it easier to do so. There is a chance that we could move back when Jeremy goes recruiting. I will admit that I sometimes look online for houses for rent even though it will be 18 months before we can move. I also know that the military can move us anywhere for recruiting duty no matter how much we want to move to Chapel Hill. We’ll find out where we are moving in May, 2018 and move sometime in June or July, 2018. It will be a long wait until then.

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