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A Juicy Jewel Hidden Near MCAS Iwakuni

Since I have been working hard to lose weight, Saori introduced me a great little shop near the back gate of base. It’s a juice bar called Vegetrip. It’s a really cute shop beside Mameka. Vegetrip offers a variety of healthy choices in the way of fresh pressed juices and smoothies. This is something that is unusual to find in Japan, especially in a small town like Iwakuni. It is refreshing to have an option like this and so close to base. The shop is really cute and has a small seating area so you can sit with friends while enjoying your juice. Saori went with me last week to grab a drink before lunch.


Saori introduced me to Masako Tanaka, the owner of Vegetrip. She happily explained the different products that she offers in her shop.The main thing they offer, as mentioned earlier, is fresh pressed juice and smoothies. They have 6 different blends to choose from. My favorite surprisingly is the green juice that has two different types of mustard greens (it really tastes more like kiwi than greens). Vegetrip also offers smoothies. The great thing about the smoothies is that you can choose what fruits you want in your smoothie. There is a variety of different fruits you can choose from. Please check out the board at the front of the shop for the fruits available that day. I was happy to learn that they offer fruit sandwiches. Fruit sandwiches are sliced fruit, whipped cream and custard. Very light and yummy tasting.

They also offer a variety of jellies and jams made on Oshima Island, produce at amazing prices (I’m talking giant asian pears for ¥100 a piece), breads and muffins from the best bakery in Iwakuni, and other unique items.

Ms. Tanaka also explained that Vegetrip offers soup, popsicles (during the summer), and lotus fries. I had never heard of lotus fries before and Ms. Tanaka was nice enough to make some for Saori and I to try. These are better than french fries. They much bigger and more flavorful than potato french fries. They are delicious.


Ms. Tanaka told us about how on the third Saturday of each month at 8am they offer yoga in the shop. It’s only ¥2000 for the session (plus ¥100 if you would like to rent a yoga mat) but that includes the yoga session, a juice, and a bread item of your choice at the end of the yoga session. Reservations are needed in advance. To make reservations call 090-8606-3377 or Saori can help you make the reservation.


Vegetrip is a great little shop that offers lots of healthy items. To get to Vegetrip from base just go out the Monzen gate and turn right, turn left at the stop sign, then continue to follow the road around to the left for about five minutes (drive towards the lotus fields, not Yellow Hat). You’ll come to an intersection where you’ll see a little gate house and large parking lot. Go past the gate house and turn left. Vegetrip will be on the left and you can park in the parking lot in front of the large warehouse on the right. Please let me know if you go and how you liked it.



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