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Back in November, I wrote about NaNoWriMo (National Noval Writing Month) and how I wanted to start writing a book. While the Balls kept me from reaching my writing goal, I did get pretty far into start writing my book. Since finishing with the Balls I have continued writing. I still have a long way to go with my book but so far I am liking the direction it is going.

I don’t have a title yet. I figure it will come to me as I get deeper into the story. This story is most likely going to be a young adult book. It’s Freaky Friday/ Prince & The Pauper with a twist.

Please let me know what you. I am open to critiques and suggestions. I know my grammar is probably messed up and I may have spelling errors. This is just a rough draft. I like to go back and reread what I wrote a lot because then I start nitpicking stuff and end up cutting a lot of stuff out that I may need later on in the story. So without further adieu, here are the first two chapters of my story! (Be gentle lol)



Chapter One

       The bell had just rung causing the hallway to be overrun with students trying to get to their next class or fighting with ancient lockers to open so they could retrieve the next period’s books. Nancy zigzagged through the congested hallways searching for a way out. Despite all various conversations going around her, Nancy could still hear Celeste and her group pushing through the crowds after her.


Slipping down a less crowded hallway, Nancy chided herself for pissing off Celeste. She should have just ignored the jeering and teasing has she had for years. She knew they had only a few weeks left until graduation and she would probably never see any of them again. Instead of ducking her head and riding out the insults, as usual, she had foolishly decided to snap back the vicious girls who mocked her as she was mopping the science hall floor. At first, they all went silent, surprised that she said anything. Celeste, who was just brushing her hair in the mirror in her locker, simply put her brush down and turned towards Nancy. Celeste’s friends watched silently as Celeste chewed her cheek thinking of a comeback.


“Did you say something, Roach?” Celeste demanded, using the group’s favorite nickname for Nancy.


“I just said ‘Leave me alone’. I need to finish this before the bell,” Nancy quietly said, pushing the mop back and forth and avoiding looking up at Celeste. Celeste quickly crossed the damp floor and snatched Nancy’s chin to make her look at her. Nancy just reacted. She yanked back her head and spit in Celeste’s face. They both froze when they realized what Nancy did. Nancy took a few quick steps backward, bumping into the lockers behind her as Celeste raised a hand to wipe her face. Celeste looked at her hand in disgust before releasing a cat-like screech. Nancy turned and ran down the hallway. Thankfully the bell rang allowing her to disappear into the crowds.


As Nancy reached the end of the hallway as Celeste came flying around the corner. Nancy reached for the heavy metal door to her right. It lead to the stairwell. Nancy glanced over the railing trying to decide if she should go down or up the stairs. Seeing the stairs going down were crowded with students, she went to the left and started running the stairs. She had barely reached the first landing when she heard the door slam behind Celeste. Nancy decided to keep running up the stairs towards the roof of the school. She thought she might be able to lock the door if she could reach it in time. As she ran through the door, grabbed the keys in her pocket, blindly trying to find the right key. She struggled to try to find the key while listening to the pounding of eight feet racing up the final set of stairs to the door. Nancy had just about inserted the key into the lock with Celeste’s face appeared in the door’s window. Her blonde hair was plastered to red, snarling face. Nancy quickly locked the door and backed away as Celeste banged on the window. She could the profanities that Celeste screamed at her. Nancy couldn’t see them but knew that Celeste’s were somewhere behind her, encouraging this anger.


Nancy continued to back up until she bumped into the wall circling the edge of the roof. The wall hit her in the small of her back and made her startle at its touch. She glanced behind her and saw the courtyard five stories below. Students still mingled there, on their way to class. A loud crack drew Nancy’s eyes back to the door. To her horror, she saw a large white crack scarring Celeste’s face in the window. Celeste’s eyes were briefly wide in shock at the crack before narrowing again as started slamming her flat palm against the glass. Nancy watched as the cracked started to splinter its way across the glass. A few brief moments later and the glass was thrust out of its frame. Faster than Nancy could believe Celeste was thrusting her hand through the glass and reached for the doorknob. Nancy realized that the keys were dangling from the knob’s lock. She stumbled forward trying to reach the keys before Celeste could but Celeste had already started twisting them in the lock. The heavy metal door flew open smacking Nancy backwards across the roof a few steps.


Celeste stepped out slowly. She flexed left hand a few times before noticing the pain and blood from where she knocked out the window. She looked back Nancy was crawling backwards towards the wall away from her. Celeste’s friends leaned out the door and shouted encouragement at her to continue after Nancy. Nancy reached the wall and pulled herself awkwardly up while watching Celeste.


“I’m sorry, Celeste. I shouldn’t have done that,” Nancy whimpered as she gripped the wall.


“Sorry? Seriously, bitch?” Celeste snarled reaching for Nancy. She grabbed the collar of Nancy’s shirt with both hands to pull her face closer to hers. “Where the hell do you get off spitting at me?”


“Let me go, Celeste. I’m sorry. Please just let me go.” Nancy pleaded, tears dripping down her face.


“You’re just worthless trash. A disgusting roach.” Celeste shoved Nancy backwards while releasing her shirt. Celeste started turning away, Nancy caught off stumbled backwards but there was nowhere to go. Her momentum was pulling her backwards over the wall. Blindly she grabbed for Celeste or something to catch herself. Surprisingly she grabbed Celeste’s wrist and tried to stop herself from going over. Celeste, not realizing what had happened, tried to shake her off as Nancy thought I don’t want to die. As Nancy lost her grip on Celeste and tumbled backwards, everything went white.


Chapter Two


Nancy fell to the ground. She felt her head hit the ground sharply, partially knocking her out. Vaguely she heard feet running towards her before hearing screaming in the distance. She hurt all over. She began to register voices around her. I’m alive she thought.


“She’s dead,” Nancy heard someone say distantly. I’m not dead. I’m right here. She could tell the voices she was alive but her mouth refused to move.


“Did she kill her?” another voice questioned. It was quieter than the first voice but Nancy could tell it was closer than the first. I’M NOT DEAD Nancy screamed in her head. The internal screaming seemed to help clear the fog in her head. She became aware of someone moving her shoulder.


“Don’t move me. You’ll paralyze me, idiot,” Nancy mumbled. She didn’t realize her mouth was able to move again.


“We need to go! Someone is going to come,” the first voice said urgently.


“Let them come,” Nancy said, realizing she could move parts of her body. She wiggled her toes and hands revealing that she hadn’t broken anything.


“We can’t be here when they come. She’s dead.”


“I’m not dead,” Nancy groaned as she tried to lift herself into a sitting position. She still had her eyes shut due to the pain in her head.


“Not you, stupid. Nancy’s dead. You pushed her over the wall.”


“Nancy?” Nancy said stupidly. She fluttered her eyes open and stared at the roof stretching in front of her. Two of Celeste’s friends were kneeling beside her. The third was looking over the edge of the wall. Nancy looked down at her lap not understanding why her jeans were stained with blood. “Where did this blood come from?” Nancy asked, dazed.


“Your damn hand. We need to leave here. School security should be here,” Darla, one of the kneeling girls said. Nancy flipped her hands over. Blood covered the pale skin. “Did Celeste fall?”


“She must have hit her head. She’s talking in the third person,” Ali whispered to Darla. She looked at Nancy with concern.


Wait. If I’m here. Where’s Celeste? Is that who they said was dead? Nancy thought, panicking. She looked Darla in the eyes and asked, “Is she really dead?”


Darla nodded with tears coming to her eyes. “I didn’t mean to kill her. I was trying not to fall!” Nancy declared standing up. She stumbled quickly over to the wall.


“That’s not what we saw,” Becca sneered. “We saw you push her over.”


“But I-,” Nancy started to say as she looked down. There was a crowd of students huddled over something in the courtyard. She watched as the students started to pull back as campus security pushed their way through the crowd. Nancy stifled a scream as she realized that wasn’t Celeste laying on the concrete below. With her body lying in oddly twisted manner, Nancy watched as campus security tried to check her own body for a pulse. Nancy backed away from the wall and began searching her body. It was then that she realized that it wasn’t her clothes she was wearing. “I don’t understand. How am I here and down there?”


“What?” Darla and Ali asked, confused.


Darla stood up and grabbed Nancy hand. “Celeste, you’re not down there.”


“I’m not Celeste. I’m Nancy,” Nancy pleaded.


“Good. Start working on the insane defense now,” Becca said, angrily. She walked away from the wall towards the door leading to the stairs.


“I’m not Celeste!” Nancy screamed.


“Becca, she hit her head. She’s not thinking clearly,” Darla said, worried.


“She killed someone that would mess anyone up. Being insane can help her escape the chair. I’m not staying up here. I’m not getting dragged into this,” Becca said. She disappeared through the door. Ali stood up and started following her.


“Ali, we can’t leave Celeste here,” Darla said.


Ali hesitated. “I can’t get in trouble,” she said apologetically before hurrying down the stairs.


“I’m dead?” Nancy whispered.


“No, honey. Nancy’s dead,” Darla said brushing the blonde hair off Nancy’s face.


“I’m Nancy.”


“No. You’re Celeste. Nancy fell off the roof. You tripped and hit your head. It was an accident. You’re confused.”


“I’m not Celeste,” Nancy quietly pleaded.

Darla sighed and helped her up. Darla draped her arm around Nancy and guided her down the stairs. “I should get you home,” Darla said softly.

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