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A-Z Challenge: April Fool’s Day

I know yesterday I posted I would talk about astrology but I realized this morning it was April Fool’s Day. I managed to fool quite a few people today on Facebook. I went to various groups and posted the following message:

“There is a CERTAIN person from this group who keeps sending me inappropriate photos of themselves. I have asked them nicely to stop it but they won’t so here it is publicly… I’m at my wits end with this person. You may know them, so maybe you can tell them to stop it for me… Thank you This is their page –”

When you click the link it shows you your own Facebook profile. So many people freaked out thinking I was saying it was them until they realized some people it was just a joke.



I do honestly feel bad for the ones that thought they had been hacked. I have apologized to them. Those I apologized to have since forgiven me and laughed at the joke. Quite a few people have asked for the link to share with others. I have seen the post pop up on other pages and people’s personal pages. It was actually pretty neat to see something I point out there spread so quickly.

What pranks did y’all pull or fall for today?

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