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A-Z Challenge: Domestically Challenged


Have any of you read the book Undomesticated Goddess by Sophie Kinsella? Its about a big time business woman who has a mental breakdown of sorts and accidental takes a job as a live in maid but she has no domestic skills whatsoever. I could be her as a maid. I have no clue what I am doing with domestic duties. I know the basics of cleaning but all the bigger things I have no clue about.

For example washer machines. Did you know you’re suppose to wash a washer machine? I didn’t know. I mean the thing fills up with soap and water, doesn’t it wash itself? Apparently no. One of my friends told me I have to run vinegar or something every now and then to clean it out. That wasn’t in the washer manual.

Or that you’re suppose to wash windows with vinegar and newspaper? Or that Murphy’s Oil Soap actually gets out grease stains from clothes better than Dawn? Or that hairspray or rubbing alcohol gets permanent pen out of clothes?

I wish I was born earlier when there were finishing schools that taught cleaning, cooking, how to host, and what not. There are somethings you can’t find in a recipe book or appliance manual. Is there a course I can take online? Wifey 101? What about a trainer I can hire? Someone to teach me how to fold a bottom sheet all by myself without resorting to the “balled-into-a-wrinkled-mess” method?

I feel at my age I should know more than I do but I don’t know what I should know until someone points out that I should know it. Gee, I hope that made sense.

Please share with me your cleaning tips, cooking tips, hostess tips, or anything domestic related.

2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Domestically Challenged

  1. Seriously?? I thought that if you don’t know how to cook, you would know how to clean.. Well if you get stuck, have a look at my website and others on WordPress.

    Washing machines.. Use a tablet called Calgon, with every wash. Use a sponge for washing up to reduce the amount of used liquid soap. Use plastic/ acrylic rough scourers for ceramic hobs, and metal ones. Use gloves when using Mr Muscle.. Use Cif cream if desired.. Damp dust with a yellow dust cloth, or thick dishcloths.. Mr Sheen or Pledge is good! Hoovers.. There are buttons on the brush parts that click up or down.. For wooden floors or carpeted areas. Hope this helped..

  2. I used to be terribly messy, then I met my husband, an Army veteran, who brought cleaning perfection home with him. Now our house is spotless. Do you have a Pinterest? Pinterest knows all!

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