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A-Z Challenge: Hurry Up And Wait

OK so today’s challenge topic is a bit of a stretch but it was either this, hippos, or horror movies. I’m not in the mood to watch horror movies right now to write about it and hippos are kind of boring.

So instead I am writing about hurrying up and waiting which the military loves to make us do. I’m like right now  with the whole Iwakuni thing. We have to hurry up and get all of our paperwork done just to wait for them to decide when we can leave and if we can fly out with the cats. I want to make plans for the next few months but I have no clue where I would be in 60 days. If I’m going to be here through September I wouldn’t mind getting at least a part time job to fill my time since I have finished all the running around stuff I think I have to do. But I won’t know for a few more weeks when I am leaving and even then it may not be set in stone. Or if I am leaving next month I want to where I’m living (other than a hotel for at least week). I want to know what my address is or at least a P.O. Box. I also want to know if I will have an APO address or a Japanese address. I want to know if we are going to be in the towers, or a town house or (more preferably) a row house. I want to be able to plan out the furniture placement and decorate in my mind.

But no. I have to hurry up and wait. Wait until someone wants to tell me what I need to hurry up with next. It is so frustrating.

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