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A-Z Challenge: Kids

Once you’re married it seems like the number one question you get is “When are you going to start having kids?”. I want kids and Jeremy wants kids but I don’t know if I want kids right this second. I mean if I got pregnant in the next 3 years my family would miss out on so much. Also I would have to deal with moving back to the states with a baby or a toddler. Moving that far with cats is proving to enough of a hassle.

Jeremy and I have talked about kids. We want two or three and at least a boy and a girl. If we have a girl I know everyone expects me to name her Liliana Marie because I’ve had that named picked out since middle or high school but honestly, at this point, I may not. So many friends have used the name Liliana or Liliana Marie that it doesn’t feel as special as it use to. I have started looking at names like Aurelia Michele or Ashlynn Maria or Elizabeth Anne. If I have a boy they either be named Henry or Hunter. Probably Henry.

If I do have kids. Trust me when I say I will post a thousand pictures of them all over this blog. Until then you’ll have to make do with pictures of my cats and Jeremy.

3 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge: Kids

  1. I’m just going to say, there is never the right time to have kids. In fact I had my first daughter at the worst possible time (which was anytime), and now that they are here I wish I would have started sooner. My family misses out on a lot because we live so far away. And I lost my job over the first one…it’s always complicated, anyone who finds that huge of a life change simple needs to really re-evaluate the extreme of the situation. 😉

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