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A-Z Challenge: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

While I was researching dating profiles as a joke with Jeremy and my friend, Michelle, I found out that there some really odd dating sites. Such as Adult Cat Finder or Catster. Cat dating profiles. Lonely cats looking for other cats.

Well of course the lead the search for more weird dating sites. Like Ghost Singles. So not only can I set my cats up on a date but I can also hook Al up with a date.

In honor of the circus that was just here I found a Clown Dating website. I know a few friends that I need to make a profile for on that page. Too bad they are all afraid of clowns to see how awesome the page is.

Then there was Zombie Passions. Zombie hook ups…. Yay?

And for all you Twilight fans there is Vampire Passions.

If “Get in my belly” turns you on, then check out Fat Bastards Dating.

I may need to sign my sister up for Hot Sauce Dating. She use to carry tiny bottles of hot sauce around in her back pack for when she was eating on set.

Someone needs to check out the Mullet dating page to see if Billy Ray Cyrus has a profile on there.

The one that threw me for the biggest loop was the Amish Dating webpage. Ummm…. I didn’t think the Amish had electricty or computers for that matter…

Thank god I am married. I would hate to check out some of the others that I was afraid to click on to try and find a date.

One thought on “A-Z Challenge: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

  1. Thankfully you’re off market.. I hope you understand some of the craziness online.. It looks as though America caters for everyone.. From Cat lovers,’Fat bastards’,clowns and even excommunicated Amish people!! Hahahahahahaha… **HOLDS STOMACH LAUGHING!!

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