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About Dem Stitches…

So I have gotten some messages asking about Jeremy’s stitches. I forgot that I never posted about what happened last week.

Last Wednesday was Jeremy’s bachelor party. I don’t know much about what happened. I know that he came home drunk and happy. Seth had driven him home. While I walked Seth back to his truck, Jeremy was suppose to go hop in the shower. I walked back into the house and went to the bedroom. I see lines of blood coming from the bed and going the bathroom. In the bathroom Jeremy is hunched over the sink. There is blood EVERYWHERE. He was holding his arm and says “I think I fucked up.” He has used a brand new straight razor to slice of wristbands from the bars he went to. He has a two inch gash in the middle of his forearm. I called Seth and he came back to help bandage Jeremy’s arm while I got dressed (I was in my PJs).

I took Jeremy to Onslow Memorial. It took almost 4.5 hours for him to be seen. He ended up getting 3 stitches. We managed to get home about 6am.

Surprisingly not once did he say it hurt even though he cut himself down to muscle. Even now it never hurts. Even when he does the salt treatments he has seen me do for cuts. Salt treatments are when you pour salt directly on a wound and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Salt is a great antibiotic but it usually burns. He was able to do his for 10 minutes or more with no problems.


The doctor yesterday said Jeremy shouldn’t have a scar from this accident.

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