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Adventures In Iwakuni

Today was interesting. Nothing turned out as planned. Jeremy and I went to PMO to get a copy of the accident report from 3 weeks ago only to find out that we were suppose to fill out a form on the 5th to get it. Since we are just now filling out the form, we can’t get the report for 3 more weeks. After that we went to the thrift store to see if I could find a new purse and wallet because Mickey ate my other purse and my favorite wallet is about to break because I didn’t clear out my yen coins this week and it stretched the latched out. I’m sad about the wallet because it was vintage. The thrift store didn’t have anything decent. Everything was beat to hell. I don’t understand why they think they can sell things that ratty.

After the disappointments on base we decided to try our luck out in town. I wanted to get stuff to make stocking boards that I had made last year. They are used to hang stockings on for Christmas time. I figured I could make them again this year for Christmas money. Last year I made about $300 by selling them. I figured people here would like them since base housing doesn’t have fire places.

I don't know why I don't have any pictures of a finished stocking board. This is one of the works in progress I was doing last year. The finished ones had a high gloss finish and hooks along the bottom for stockings.
I don’t know why I don’t have any pictures of a finished stocking board. This is one of the works in progress I was doing last year. The finished ones had a high gloss finish and hooks along the bottom for stockings.
This is the idea picture my cousin sent me because she wanted one made. I made her one and started getting orders for other stocking boards.

We went first to a craft store near base I have been meaning to go to for a while. Everyone has been telling to check out Tokai because it is suppose to be a really great craft store. Unfortunately I was expecting a Michael’s and I got a Joanne’s. But I didn’t get an idea for a Christmas tree in case we cant get a tree (I’m not sure how tree buying works here on base).

Next we went to You Me Town. I managed to find a cute wallet on sale but still no paints or boards. So we went to Nafco to check out the hardware side because never saw paint on the regular side. Again no paint and none of the boards I was looking for. I was really getting frustrated at this point. Jeremy and I are going to Hiroshima tomorrow to try and find a craft store there I heard about.

Once we were done trying to find craft stuff for the day, Jeremy and I decided to go downtown to get some dinner. We parked by Yellow Brick Road and walked around trying to figure out what places were restaurants. We wanted to try something new but honestly its hard to tell what places are restaurants and which are bars or something else. We were there really early for Yellow Brick Road so a lot of places were still closed. Finally we saw a family duck into a place that we weren’t sure what it was. We walked in there were only three tables with habachi stoves on them and a long bar with a habachi stove going down it. Upon looking over the menu we found out that they made Hiroshima styled Okonomiyaki. We had no idea what it was so we ordered it. It was neat watching the women make them. It is a thin pancake with veggies and meat piled up top of it, then they cracked an egg on it. Then they made another pancake that they flipped the pile of other stuff on to to finish cooking. When it was done they moved it to our habachi table to keep it warm while we ate it. It tasted amazing and way too much food. This was definitely a place we will be going back to. Especially for the price. Both our meals came to 1750 yen (about $14).


While things didn’t turn out as planned, I still enjoyed it. Any day I spend with my amazing husband is a great day. Plus I also got to see an amazing sunset over the Nishiki River with the Iwakuni Castle on the mountian (its the tiny white light on the mountain in the picture). Plus I got a really cool keychain. Its Azuki Toast! With a little butter tub. Its so cute. I like the little things in life.


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