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Alarm Bells Ringing

Today was bookended in good times  with the middle being a comedic tragedy of sorts. Since I stayed up until 5am working on some things, Jeremy let me sleep in. He picked me up at lunchtime to go have lunch with him at his workshop. I enjoyed it because I had never had a chance to do something like that before because of my job. Today I began to realize how much I have been able to accomplish since leaving my job. I also feel happier.

After hanging out with Jeremy I went to my dental screening appointment. They had just set me up to take x-rays of my teeth when the fire alarm went off. The technician told me to sit tight because it was just a drill. A moment later a firefighter poked his head into the room and told to get out. So the technician showed me the way out of the building. We had to wait for the all clear to go back in. After the x-rays the dentist came in and examined my teeth. I was worried about this part because, well, I hadn’t seen a dentist in over 10 years because I didn’t have dental insurance. The dentist said my teeth looked really good and no cavities but he wouldn’t sign off on the paperwork. I still have my wisdom teeth and he was fine with three off them. It was the top right one he wants to have pulled before he signs off on my paperwork. It is coming in sideways and already is pushing into the tooth in front of it. Now I have to find a dentist who can see me, just to have me referred to an oral surgeon to have it removed. Then once it has healed will today’s dentist will sign off on the paperwork. I can’t start any of this until April 1st when my insurance starts. So the soonest I could get this signed off is mid to late April. And then all the paperwork (along with the medical paperwork) would have to be routed through the Marine Corps for approval. Only then will I hopefully have my clearances and we can talk to DMO to find out when they can move us. That would give us less than a month to arrange for them to move us, get our tickets and fly safely with the cats. Its really starting to look like I will have to fly out in September instead of May/ June with Jeremy.

Tonight Jeremy and I went out to dinner with Jodie and Travis. We went to our favorite restaurant Yakitoro House. I finally tried hot sake. It was yummy!


I, as usual, had the waiter pick for me what I should have for dinner. He ordered me a Japanese version of fried chicken. It was chicken soaked in sake and then dipped in flour before frying it up. I really loved the glass noodles in a vinager sauce. Good food and friends always cheer me up.


6 thoughts on “Alarm Bells Ringing

  1. Oh, dear … I never like dentist. Just like you I have been to the dentis in a couple of years. In between I got pregnant and so that was my excuse not going. But then now I have really problem with two teeth that got broken during my last pregnancy and my gums bleed. Not a good sign at all. I need to really go to the dentist before it is worsening at all … LOL

    Wow … those food looks yummy! Can I have some?

    I wish you a lovely weekend, my dear! Take care! 🙂

    1. I hate the dentist too. I hate the sound of the tools on my teeth. Creeps me out. I hope you are able to get your teeth soon.

      I’m going to attempt to make the fried chicken at home some time soon. If it turns out all right I’ll post the recipe. 🙂

      I hope you have an awesome weekend yourself!

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