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Almost Home In Iwakuni

Over the past few weeks I have been exploring some new places around Iwakuni. I have gotten into a rut eating at the same places especially while Jeremy was in Okinawa.  Thankfully my bestie in Japan, Danielle, has been pulling me out of being a hermit to try new places. Since her kids are in school now we have the time to go to lunch or coffee every week. We decided to go try out some new places.

The first place we went to was a coffee shop I found a business card for at different restaurant in Iwakuni (restaurants and bars advertise for each other in their establishments). The coffee shop was called Himaar Coffee and Crafts. Of course with this being Japan, I wasn’t sure what to expect going by the name (nothing is ever as you expect in Japan and that is why Japan is awesome). What I wasn’t expecting was a coffee that was EXACTLY like what I would see in Chapel Hill, NC. It had local crafts for sell in the front of the shop with a coffee shop in the back. Even the folksy guitar music being played seemed familiar even though the singer sang in Japanese.

Danielle and I decided to try out the drinks. Surprisingly for having coffee in the name, it really didn’t have a lot of coffee options. We decided to try the Earl Grey tea. I had mine with milk but Danielle isn’t a fan of tea milk. While we waited for our drinks, we checked out the baked goods they had for sell. The bird cookies I got tasted just like Moravian cookies and almost as thin. I loved them.

The coffee shop was great but it made me a little homesick. Danielle and I want to go back again sometime.

Another time that Danielle and I went out she introduced me to a place called Nicoli Kitchen. At lunch time they have a salad buffet and delicious pizza. The pizza is incredibly thin and crispy. Danielle said it was a bamboo crust. I’m not sure if it was or not but it was definitely delicious. It was like a Margherita pizza but with less cheese. It was a little pricy but I think worth it for the amount of food we got.

Danielle and I are going out this Friday again but no idea where we are headed. Either way its fun exploring Iwakuni again. I don’t know why I stopped going to new places all the time.

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