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Another Munchy Inducing Post

Over the past week or so Jeremy and I have been stepping up our cooking at home for meal time. We have been trying to break out of our routine. I’m pretty proud with how we stepped it up. Well, I should say Jeremy. He has done most of the cooking because he wanted to learn new techniques. I’m probably going to gain 100 pounds when he starts culinary school… His food is just too good.

One night we finally used the pot Jeremy gave me for Christmas. It is used for cooking Shabu Shabu over an open flame on a camp stove. We bought all of the ingredients including the broths at MaxValu. Shabu Shabu is wear you cook raw meats, veggies, noodles, and dumplings in flavored broths. It is a meal meant to take a while since you are cooking a small part at a time. It is a great meal for spending time with loved ones.

We had a small feast because we couldn’t decide what to use. Part of the reason we couldn’t decide what to use was the fact we didn’t know what we were grabbing. If it looked good and edible, we decided to try it. It made for an interesting evening. Jeremy loved everything. The only thing I didn’t like were the green noodles he grabbed. It tasted like seaweed mixed with spinach. All in all, it was a great meal. We have since repeated the meal but on a smaller scale (and we still ended up picking out too much stuff).

A meal that Jeremy and I have been wanting to try but never had the chance was Chicken and Waffles. We decided to finally make it after I had purchased a waffle maker/ griddle on the selling pages for $10. He made this meal by himself and I was really proud of him. His fried chicken is amazing and the waffles was perfect.


Jeremy and I love pizza. We use to eat it weekly in the states. Since we moved here we have started making our own pizzas because of how expensive the pizzas are. I actually prefer our pizzas to store bought or Pizza Huts. They are almost as good as Pizzeria Da Hachi. Jeremy had found a pizza dough recipe and recently perfected it. You can find his recipe here. This time that we made pizza it came out even better than normal because we finally had a pizza stone (another selling pages find). We wanted to do something different for toppings so we came up with a crab claw and mushroom Alfredo pizza. At MaxValu, we were able to get a pound of crab claw meat for about $5. More than enough for pizza. This is now my favorite pizza.


One of my other selling pages find recently was a Magic Bullet blender. I have been wanting one for years for making smoothies but didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a new one for making drinks. When I found a larger kit for sale for only $20 I couldn’t resist. Since we got it, we have been having smoothies every morning with a mix of  fresh and frozen fruit, honey, peanut butter, almond milk, coffee, or yogurt. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have been seeing the #smoothieoftheday I’ve been doing. I like changing up the flavors. I’ll be posting some of the recipes soon of the smoothies.

Speaking of the yogurt used in the smoothies. The yogurt we have been using is yogurt that I make. With as much yogurt as we go through in general, it is expensive to keep buying it from the store. Making it home is so much cheaper. Plus with how much we use now with the smoothies, I needed to make sure we had enough. I have finally written down the directions to how I make yogurt. You can find that here.


I love having a husband that is willing to experiment in the kitchen as much as me and loves cooking as much as me. It makes making meals that much more enjoyable. I am definitely blessed and thankful to have such an amazing man in my life. And food. I am thankful for yummy food. Speaking of food, I need to get off here and eat my food (roasted sliced avocado and tomatoes on Japanese style English muffins).  I came prepared this time for writing about food.


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  1. I love trying out new recipes – it makes life so fun! Yours look great – and I’ve been meaning to make my own yogurt. I’ll have to give it a try! Thanks for stopping by The Hobbit Hole!

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