Paranormal Housewife

Baby,​ It’s Cold Outside

When I planned this week’s theme, I had no idea that ironically this week our town would be covered in snow. This week our area received 8 inches of snow. It has definitely made things interesting. So what is this week’s theme? It’s frozen spirits! This week learn about spirits that come out when there is snow or really cold out. Some of these spirits are local and some come from around the world.

Some updates and reminders. As always don’t forget to sign up for the giveaway. Only 10 people are registered for the giveaway on this blog and only TWO are registered for the Patreon page’s giveaway. To sign up for either giveaway and more details, please click here.

Another thing I really need to bring attention to is something very important to me and my family. My little sister, Magan, has started a gofundme page to raise money for her dog, Lady. Lady has torn both ACLs in her hind legs and needs surgery to repair it. Unfortunately, the surgery will cost $4,000- $8,000. The vets that Magan has spoken to do not take any kind of payment plan and Magan has been denied care credit. If you can donate anything, even $5 would be a huge help. If you can’t donate anything, please share the link.

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