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Beginning Of The End

DMO has just finished packing the express shipment. Our kitchen is completely empty. It feels so weird. Hard to believe last night was the last night I will spend in that house.


Now we begin all of our traveling to say goodbye to friends and family. Tonight we are dropping off stuff in Chapel Hill, NC. Tomorrow we will pick up Jeremy’s mom in Virginia and then head off to Pennsylvania for a few days to see Jeremy’s family. Then we will come back to Chapel Hill to send a few days with my family and friends here. We will go back briefly to Jacksonville to have DMO pick up our furniture. Right after that, if my passport is in, we head to Japan!!! This is going to go so fast!!!

3 thoughts on “Beginning Of The End

  1. I am just confident that your time in Japan is going to be a real life changing event for you. A most excellent one. Safe travels and I look forward to hearing all about your new adventures.

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