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Being Silly In Hiroshima

No. You didn’t miss a post yesterday. With everything that is going on I am having to scale back how many posts I write a week. You’ll have new posts everything Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (Monday, Wednesday, Friday if you’re in the States). I have too many adventures to go on! I can’t wait to share them with you!!

Speaking of adventures, on Friday, Danielle and I decided to head to Hiroshima for a quick day trip. She needed to buy a birthday present for friend of one of her kids and wanted to check out the Pokemon Center. I went just for the fun of it. It ended up being a silly time.

It was definitely off to odd start when we saw a Japanese woman in Victorian dressing having her hair done. I wish I could get a better picture but I was already standing in the middle of the street trying to get this one.

Victorian Lady

Funny thing about standing in the middle of the road… Danielle and I couldn’t seem to be able to cross a road without being stuck in the middle. Around four or five times we got stuck in the middle of road. We had cars passing us and we were stuck dodging street car trains. It was crazy. Even when we made sure we had a green light we still got stuck in the middle of the road. Yes, the Nationals were laughing at us. See how close we came to being hit?

Danielle & Kelly

Thankfully we made it to the Pokemon Center without being turned into pancakes. Neither one of us could decide what to buy. We both burst out laughing when we saw this box of cookies.


After figuring out toys and candies for the kids and a bath bomb for Jeremy (he loves them), Danielle and I head back to the Italian restaurant I wrote about in a previous post. I love the pizza there. Plus when you can get a whole pizza for ¥399 ($3.50). I love this restaurant. Once we finished lunch, we started on a 30 minute journey to find a Starbucks. Our stupid phones keep changing where the Starbucks was located at. We went down four different streets before we FINALLY found one. While we were walking up to it, we had to laugh at the name description on Google maps. By the way, this Starbucks doesn’t exist. It was another false location.

Starbucks Map

I was so happy when we finally found it. Starbucks once every couple of months is too long for a basic girl like me. We ordered the new Sakura drinks they were offering. They are lightly cherry and strawberry tasting. While waiting for our coffees, the barista, Kazu was talking to us. He asked us about the base and was very excited to hear that we have a Burger King and Taco Bell. He spoke amazing English and was a lot of fun to talk to. I jumped at the chase to finally make a Japanese friend and left him my number. As we were leaving he pointed out my name in Japanese on my cup!!

Kelly In Japanese

Walking back to Danielle’s car, we came across some cut out boards. We couldn’t resist taking our pictures in the cut outs.

Outside another cafe we saw a herd of plush cows in the street. I have no idea why they were there. Cows

On the way home we managed to get the car stuck in the middle of another intersection… We fail at crossing roads apparently. When we go back to Hiroshima this week maybe our friend, Desirae, can be the adult and help us cross safely. Wish us luck.

I am happy to report that Kazu has already texted me. He has offered to teach me Japanese for free! I’m excited to start learning. One of my many adventures coming up soon! Stay tuned. It will be fun. I promise!

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  1. Wow, I love hearing about your adventures. But what about your White day? Here we choose to go to see Zootopia, and dine on Pizza. I gave G a dozen red roses, and she made a fresh flower wreath. Something, she always wanted, but I had no idea. Hubby gave us both a dozen tulips and candy and lots of time together.

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