Paranormal Housewife

Blessed And Happy

This morning was a roller coaster of emotions. We arrived down here in Conway, SC about 8:30am. It took a bit longer than expected to find the probate court house. Once we did find it we went upstairs to apply for our marriage license. While applying, the woman taking our application said she could accept Jeremy’s social security card because one number was erased (he washed he wallet on more than one occasion). She sent us to the social security office. Since she told us it was across the street we decided to walk there. Half a mile later we arrived. She forgot to tell us that it was across two streets and around a building. The social security office couldn’t give us a new card. It would take two weeks to have one mailed to us. We walked back over to the court house to talk to the woman again. She told us that she wouldn’t be able to accept the paper that the social security office gave us. After a few moments of Jeremy arguing with her and me trying to explain how he has orders for Japan she finally took our paperwork and ids to speak to a judge. A this point I was near tears thinking we wouldn’t be able to get married. She came back ten minutes later saying “the judge says thank you for your service”.  We are able to pick up our license tomorrow after 10:30am.

After we left the court Jeremy took me to a doughnut shop my dad use to take me to when I was younger called The Fractured Prune. It is the best doughnuts ever. They make them in front of you.


Then you pick the toppings to go on the doughnuts.


They are a gooey mess to eat but so delicious!


We are going to grab some lunch before heading back home. I’m going to work on packing a few more boxes while Jeremy plays his game. Should be a quiet night.

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