This Week’s Theme: Michigan

This week on the blog we are going to be checking out some creepy locations in Michigan. Unfortunately, we haven’t talked about Michigan on the blog yet. Which is exactly why I chose to do this weekly state themes so we can explore new hauntings, cryptids, and urban legends. The locations we will be discussing this week are really interesting and I hadn’t heard of before. So definitely check come check them out.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Michigan

Historically Haunted

I don’t know about you but growing up one of my favorite elementary school memories was when we were lead down to the computer lab to play Oregon Trail. While research haunted location in Wyoming, I was surprised to see a location that I remember from the game come across my list of places to look into. How many of y’all remember taking a rest at Fort Laramie in the game? Continue reading Historically Haunted

Bob Still Works Here

You’re not going crazy. I didn’t announce this week’s theme. Oops. I’m sorry. This week we are checking out haunted locations in the great state of Wyoming. I have only been to Wyoming once in my life and that was with some family friends when I was in middle school. I loved it. Especially Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The arches made of antlers made a lasting impression on me. Jackson Hole, Wyoming is also the location of today’s topic which is the Wort Hotel.  Continue reading Bob Still Works Here

What To Look For When Hiring A Paranormal Team

When you are dealing with a possible haunted house or business, it can be overwhelming trying to find a paranormal team. Just like any other service you would hire to come into your home or business, you need to know how to vet a paranormal team to know they have yours and your family’s or your business’ best interest at heart. These are some tips and things to look out for when hiring a paranormal team.  Continue reading What To Look For When Hiring A Paranormal Team

“This Place Is Alive” featuring Travelers Moon Paranormal

When I knew I was going to be doing locations in Iowa this week, I knew there was a team I needed to reach out to. I had met Chris Nielson and Kelly McCarville at The Haunted Horror Film & Paranormal Investigation Festival. They are the paranormal investigators that make up Travelers Moon Paranormal. While at the festival, I really enjoyed getting to know them and learning about some of the techniques that they use. They were the ones to introduce me to the Estes method which the spirit box technique you saw Paranormal MIT use during the investigation at our house a month ago where one person uses headphones to listen to a spirit box but they can’t hear questions being asked by the team during the session. It’s a way to get unbiased answers from the spirit box in real time. Anyways, I knew I wanted to reach out to Travelers Moon Paranormal because they have experience with both of the locations this week. Especially today’s topic. Kelly and Chris go to Edinburgh Manor every few weeks and have had some interesting experiences.  Continue reading “This Place Is Alive” featuring Travelers Moon Paranormal

Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

This creepy Puerto Rican location comes from the town of Mayagüez. The house that is the center of today’s topic certainly looks creepy if you were to walk past it… even in the day light. It has clearly been abandoned for a long time. The walls are crumbling and becoming overgrown with plants and vines. But sitting quietly in the garage or car port area of the house is a classic mustang car that has also been abandoned by everyone except the spirits that roam the house and possibly the Devil. Welcome to the Casa del Mustang! Continue reading Don’t Mess With The Devil’s Mustang!

Duty Can Be Hell Here

This week on the blog we are talking about some spooky locations in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a gorgeous place that I would love to go visit some day. The sites are so colorful, the people seem so nice and caring, and the food is amazing. One day, I will go there. While researching Puerto Rico, one place kept popping up over and over again on places that are throughly creepy. So let me introduce you to Castillo San Felipe del Murro which is often just called El Murro.  Continue reading Duty Can Be Hell Here

This Week’s Theme: Puerto Rico

Thank you so much for letting me have a week off writing. It was much needed. I am back and ready to share some spooky stories with y’all. This week on the blog we will be checking out some creepy places in Puerto Rico! I really think y’all will like the stories about these locations. This will be my first time talking about Puerto Rico. So no links to share to help get you in a tropical mood.  Continue reading This Week’s Theme: Puerto Rico


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