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Bring On The Flower Festivals

As the weather warms up, Japan starts getting ready for their many flower festivals. It seems like there is a flower festival for every type of flower. Of course the Cherry Blossom festivals are the most popular. Right now the cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom. This weekend Jeremy and I have a photography session with one of the really talented photographers that are here on base. I’m really excited for them.

A couple of weeks ago our friend, Shawna, invited a bunch of us from the Bunco group to go to a plum blossom festival. It was about an hour south of base near Hikari. Shawna told us to bring Katniss because she was bringing her pup, Mochi. The festival was located on a large hill (small mountain) that had plum blossom trees on top of the flat hill and going down around the hill towards the coast. It was really beautiful. Even though there were some venders there, Jeremy and I brought sandwiches and snacks from 7-11 so we could have a picnic with the others in our group. It was a beautiful area and the kids were having fun playing and running around.

After we ate, Jeremy and I decided to let Katniss out of her stroller to check out the trees. Of course, Katniss immediately released her inner model. I was having fun taking her picture.

Shawna decided to introduce her dog, Mochi, to Katniss while Katniss was exploring a tree. It went about as well as you can expect when a cat meets a dog. Katniss doesn’t like sharing Mochi was so calm with it though. We all had a good laugh about it.

Plum Fest 2017-8Plum Fest 2017-9

After Mochi met Katniss, Shawna went off to take pictures of the area and to take pictures of Mochi. Bringing your pet to the festival seemed to be a popular thing. It was neat seeing everyone else take pictures of their pets.

Jeremy and I went off to explore the area with Katniss. While taking pictures of her and Jeremy, I enjoyed watching the other people out with their friends and families.

We also checked out some of the vendors and kids area.

We all had a lot of fun at the festival. On the way out people kept stopping us so they could see Katniss and take pictures of her in her stroller. She loved the attention.

This festival just made all of us really excited for all the different festivals that will be starting soon. I know we have the Cherry Blossom festival this week. Then there is the White Fox festival and the Archery festival this weekend. Very busy week this week! Plus many more festivals coming up soon after all these. I can’t wait to share them all with you.

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