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Busy By Day Bored By Night

Today has been busy, busy,  busy, dead. All day I felt like I was running out of time. I didn’t sleep in for once. I actually slept well for the first time in a really long time. I decided to sleep with an eye mask for the first time ever. It was one we got on our Delta flight when we flew out her in June, 2015. The sun rises super early here in Japan. Like 5 am early. Ugh. Because of the way the blinds in my bedroom lay, the sun is in my face by 5:30am. Way too early for me. The eye mask worked wonders. I wasn’t woken up by the sun for the first time since I moved to Japan. Since I slept so well I didn’t hit the snooze button a dozen times.

I spent the morning doing laundry and preparing the eggs for class. I did a dozen hard boiled eggs and then a dozen hollow eggs. I didn’t know if the kids would eat a bunch of hard boiled eggs or not so I made the hollow ones. Its been a few years since I made the hollow eggs. I had forgotten how hard it was to do them and how much it hurts my cheeks to blow that many eggs. I also found out my friends are a bunch of perverts when I posted on Facebook about it. I was laughing so hard at some of their comments that I had three eggs burst in my face.

Before class I ran a few errands and then I met my students by the community room I had rented out. The lights are still out in my bathroom and I didn’t want them to use the bathroom in the dark. I want to get the lights fixed but I need to receive my bank card so I can I buy them but I still haven’t received it. I’m calling tonight because its been almost six weeks. Beyond ridiculous. I can’t access the money in my accounts until I have a card. Thankfully Jeremy has a card so he can pay our bills. I have enough money on me to go grocery shopping and get the cats food but I can do much for fun stuff until I have a card.

For class we died Easter eggs. It was the first time that the kids or the moms had done it. I showed the kids how writing on the eggs with crayons changed how the dye stuck to the egg shell. Kensai had a blast with it. Kocei kept spilling the cups by accident. Aoi and Rico loved drawing flowers, hearts, fruits and veggies  on their eggs. Mirei surprised me when it came time to do the worksheets. She actually tried to trace the letters like the bigger kids. She is only three years old but she did a really great job tracing the letters. She stayed on the lines. Everyone had a really good time.

After class I raced over to the Rib House to do deliveries. Except there were no deliveries waiting. Tonight was painfully slow. I don’t understand why. The food is great. I think the staff is nice (I might be biased). Come on Iwakuni. If you don’t start coming out to the Rib House, it won’t be here much longer. We don’t have many options for real American food restaurants. Come out and support one of our own. img_1495

Well, I’m off. I’m trying to get to bed earlier. I have a busy weekend of photography classes  and cleaning. Good night, y’all!

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