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Busy Day Ending In Smiles

Yesterday ended up a being rather busy day. Jeremy ended up having the day off because of Columbus Day. I love when he has a 96.

We went to the post office to pick up my package from Jewelry In Candles. I became a rep for them 6 weeks ago because I fell in love with the scents, jewelry, and the prices. Plus the fact they ship to FPO’s I had to at least join to get the discount (affordable just became ridiculously cheap). I could go on (and I will in another post) but I say for now that I am currently hosting an online party for my friend, Tia. The link to her party is here. If you want to try them out, let me know and I will send you a code for 10% of your order.

Anyways, the package I was picking up was Trick or Treat candles I had ordered for me and Tia. I was giving her one as a hostess gift for the party. (If you want to host an online party, I will send you a candle of your choice for free in addition to all the hostess rewards you get). This candle smells amazing. Everyone says it smells like candy corn but I’ve never I have never actually smelled candy corn before. It has a nice creamy scent with a tiny hint of cinnamon. I love burning it.


After dropping off Tia’s candle, we went by PMO to get info about trick or treating on base. Junko, my boss, wanted to know if we could sponsor some of the kids on base so that they could experience an American custom. I wish I could say PMO was helpful but all they could tell me was to watch Facebook. Hopefully I’ll have an answer soon so I can start making arrangements.

Cari Ma started acting up again. She was about to over heat in PMO’s parking lot. We let her sit for about 10 minutes and suddenly she cooled down. She was great the rest of the way to Hikari. Not sure why she heated up. I think she just likes to screw with me at this point and try to keep from work. I’m half tempted to call her Christine.

Class was a lot of fun. The kids played with homemade playdough I made. I’ve included the recipe for it on the craft page of this blog. You can also find the recipe here. The kids were excited to play with it. I found out from my boss, Junko, that kids in Japan really don’t get a chanced to play with colored playdough. The kids are really talented. They were better at making things than I was. I’ll admit it. I was jealous. LOL Most of the kids were making dragons with crystal balls and dragon balls with Jeremy. It was a lot of fun. I can easily say I have the best job in the world.

Technically this is from Thursday's class but I was having too much fun to take pictures during Tuesday's classes. (picture courtesy of Mama-Coto)
Technically this is from Thursday’s class but I was having too much fun to take pictures during Tuesday’s classes.
(picture courtesy of Mama-Coto)

Once Jeremy and I got back home, I finally lit my candle. It was torture driving home because the car smelled of the candle was strong (but not in a bad way). Once lit, it only took a couple of hours to get my prizes out. One was a gorgeous emerald colored necklace. The other was a code for reward points for Jewelry In Candles reward shop to get even more jewelry. Typically Jewelry In Candles only has the one jewelry prize (which you get to pick out if you want a necklace, earrings, or a ring in your size) but the Trick or Treat candle is one of prize candles so it has two prizes. The second prize could have been jewelry, a game system, tvs, or gift cards. I was happy with both of my prizes.

Katniss modeling my new necklace.
Katniss modeling my new necklace.

All in all yesterday was a great day. Today was uneventful. I woke up with a migraine and decided to try and figure out how to add a page to this blog while wordpress decided to keep going down while I work. Its still a work in progress but its workable for now. I plan on sharing the directions for each of the crafts we do in class. Each week will be a different craft. I hope y’all enjoy it and find it useful.

I was happy to find out that Harley received her birthday present. Doesn’t she look adorable in it??? I can’t wait to send her more kimono. IMG_2704-0

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