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Catnip And Chill

I have talked often about Katniss and how she is my little blogging buddy. She is usually by my desk or on my chair when I write. If I spend too much time on the computer, she starts poking me to get me to get off the computer. She takes her duties seriously and I appreciate her working with me.

A few weeks ago I was joking around with Jeremy about how Katniss wants her own blog. Katniss perked up and did her little “chomp chomp chomp” thing she does when she is happy. While I meant it as a joke, I really started thinking about it. She really could have her own blog. She lives an unusual life for a cat since we take her on many adventures. So I have spent some time thinking about starting a blog for Katniss and I have decided that I am going to do it.


Catnip & Chill will debut one week from today.  It will have posts about Katniss’ life and adventures, reviews of the horror movies she watches, and yummy cat treat recipes we make (due to my travels her cat treats portion won’t actually start until mid December). While technically this will be written by me, it will all be from her point of view and written in the style we imagine is her style. Katniss will be a true kitty blogger. I have set up her with her own Instagram account, Twitter account and Facebook page. You can also email her at .  If she is going to be a blogger I am going to make sure she does it right.

The reason its named Catnip & Chill is not just for the reasons you may think. Yes cats love catnip but that is also Katniss’ nickname. I call her Catnip often. Plus since most of the movies that Katniss watches is on Netflix, I wanted to do a play on the Netflix and Chill saying. Katniss gave her “chomp chomp chomp” approval on this name versus the other names that we playing around with. If it makes Katniss happy that’s all that matters.

I will continue my blog here. I have lots of new things to share with y’all through this blog. Plus I have a trip back home to see family that I will be sharing with you. Katniss’ blog will be different and not really connected to my blog. I hope you check it out and enjoy it. Please send me your feedback about this.

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