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Change Is In The Air

This past week and this week will be full of changes. Last week Jeremy and I started reorganizing things in our apartment. We threw out a lot of things in our storage unit mainly because we haven’t seen it in a year and half. Now we moving onto to the various closets in the apartment (there are way too many in here).

I have finally started throwing out some of my old clothes. I have some clothes that I have had for ten years because I thought I would want to wear them again. I also was holding onto six pairs of jeans that were too small to wear, that have been too small for a few years, and that I doubt I will be able to fit anytime soon. Why do women do this? I know I’m not the only one. I have been trying on clothes and if it doesn’t fit, doesn’t feel comfortable, doesn’t look right, or has holes or paint on it I tossed it (with the exception of three t-shirts and a pair of shorts that are strictly for painting in because I can’t paint neatly). I am limiting myself to only what can fit in my dresser and hang nicely in my closest. I had way too many clothes but after going through I have a lot more room now. I want to start getting more nicer clothes. My mom has been helping me with that lately and I have a much nicer wardrobe now. I really like the shirts that she sent me last week. I need to work on getting more jeans. After trying on all my jeans, I tossed all but two pairs because they either were the wrong size or the thighs were worn out. I know one of the two pairs will be wearing out soon. I need to buy more but online shopping is such a pain. Everytime I have tried to order online it either comes in too big or too small. I don’t know how my mom is able to figure out my size so perfectly but she does. I’m hoping my jeans can last at least until November. While I am home, I am buying Jeremy and me a bunch of new clothes. Yes I know I just threw out a lot of clothes but we could use new clothes. Even after shopping I will be limiting myself to just what will fit in the dresser or hang nicely in my closet. If my jeans don’t last until November I will be wearing LuLaRoe leggings basically everyday until I can go shopping. I have recently become addicted to their leggings. Thankfully they don’t take up much space. In fact when I fly home I will be packing a carry on bag with mostly LuLaRoe so I don’t have to worry about checked luggage going to the states.

On Wednesday Jeremy leaves for sergeant’s course in Okinawa. Of course that is weather permitting. Currently Tropical Storm Lionrock is heading there too and is suppose to make landfall on Wednesday as well. Its path and whatnot is still in the air. Either it can just zip through and  remain a tropical storm or it will sit off course and get stronger on the warm waters. Jeremy is hoping for the second option and that it hits Thursday or Friday as a typhoon. So far this typhoon season it has been quiet until now. Tropical Storm Kampasu just passed by Tokyo the other day. Tropical Storm Mindulle is hitting Tokyo now. And now we have Tropical Storm Lionrock. Iwakuni will barely get anything because of the island in front of us but Jeremy really wants a typhoon while he is Okinawa. He will be there for a month so he may get his wish.

courtesy of Okinawa Typhoon Pics & Info

Another big change this week is that I start a new job this week. I was hired last week at the Rib House by base. Its an American restaurant that specializes in ribs (duh), bbq, and carne asada. Jeremy and I have only eaten there once but its really popular with folks on base. On Thursdays, after I get done teaching, I will be a delivery driver on base. Then on Fridays- Sundays I will be serving in the restaurant. Yeah I won’t have weekends anymore to explore but this job will get me out of the house (I’ve been feeling like a hermit lately), help bring in extra money for the states and our trips next year, and keep me busy while Jeremy is gone. He will be back for about a month before I leave for the states. The Rib House knows I am going home for the month of November and is okay with that.

This week will be busy but will have good results long term. I am excited for it to get started. Well I’m not excited that Jeremy is leaving but that is needed so that he can be promoted in the future.

One thought on “Change Is In The Air

  1. One of my favorite parts about moving was when we went and purged our wardrobes! It’s such a freeing feeling when you finally let go of things that don’t really fit you physically or emotionally. I think that every new season should bring about a change in what you wear – especially because it gives you an excuse to go shopping. haha 🙂

    We got a ton of rain last night, and it rained quite a bit this afternoon too. The school I work for cancelled classes and the trains shut down because of the high winds.

    I hope your new job treats you well! That is so awesome that you have the freedom to have multiple jobs. Sometimes I feel pretty limited here in Fukushima. Living on a base must be really nice as well!

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