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Cup O’ Joe

I  love coffee. I don’t need it but I love it. Two years ago, Jeremy surprised me with a Keurig that I had been eyeing for over a year. It was just a basic model that had a reusable filter and just made one cup at a time. It was one of my favorite kitchen appliances. In fact when we packed up to come here, I made sure that DMO packed it in the Express shipment so I could have coffee as soon as we moved into our new place.


My Keurig has been faithfully working for over two years and made amazing coffee up until a few weeks ago. I had started using it to brew hot water for hot tea and I noticed that it would spray hot water while brewing. It wouldn’t spray when we made coffee. Just when making plain hot water. So I called Keurig to see if they could help me fix it. They walked me through how to clean it (they have to do that as part of the troubleshooting). After walking me through it, the operator said that it sounded like the gasket was going bad. She apologized that they no longer made that gasket anymore because they no longer made that model Keurig. Then she surprised me by saying that they would send me a new Keurig instead. She knew that our Keurig was two years old and very much out of warranty. I was speechless. She then went on to explain the new Keurig that they would be sending me was a $200 model that included a carafe, a larger water tank, and single pods and carafe pods. I was flabbergasted and very grateful. Two weeks later it arrived in the mail and it was beautiful!


We have purchased reusable filters for it (pods aren’t sold at our commissary and the individual cups are way too expensive to buy often) and now Jeremy and I are drinking way too much coffee. I think I am on my third cup for the day. Keurig has a customer for life because of their amazing customer service.

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  1. I cannot live without coffee. I have a single-cup Keurig similar to the one you describe at the beginning; I’ve had it for two years and just cleaned it due to gunk buildup. So far, no other problems. I agree that K-cups are expensive, I bought one of those reusable cups from a third party and use my favorite grind of coffee. Not terribly cheap, mind, but still a better value than the cups.

    Glad you had a great experience with Keurig and can enjoy your coffee once more!

    1. I’m paranoid about gunk building up in my coffee maker so I clean it often. I run vinegar through it every two weeks and then do a deep cleaning of it once a month.

      Now that I’m using ground coffee I miss the coffee my parents use to get from Southern Seasons. They use to get a special blend but I can’t remember what it was a blend of. What is your favorite coffee?

      1. Dunkin Donuts dark roast is my favorite, but I’ll drink almost any coffee. I’ve met very few unsalvageable cups (but there have been some) and I don’t care for roasts that come pre-flavored with hazelnut or chocolate or the kind, though I do use flavored creamers on occasion.

        My students this year listened well; I received almost 5lbs of coffee for Christmas, all of it my favorite blends.

  2. Wow, we feel grateful when such things happen, Something same happened with my Cuisinart Brewer and company guys replaced that with new model after one and half year, I was surprised too and I am still enjoying great coffee from it. But there is bad news for Keurig lovers, Hamburg government banned Single Serve Pods, Which is the second largest city in Germany, it looks it will spread more. We just hope Keurig soon design atmosphere, friendly cups, so we can enjoy a wide range of flavors. I just created a list of grind and brew machines, that will help for fresh coffee lovers.

    1. That is awesome to hear about Cuisinart helping you with a new one. It’s nice to hear about good companies for a change. 🙂

      I honestly think I am done using the throw away cups. I love my reusable filters. I feel like I get better tasting coffee at a much more affordable cost with them. The ones we got for this Keurig had four single cup filters and two carafe filters. Now we have backups for when one is waiting to be washed.

    1. As a former customer service agent, I try my best to recognize great service. So many people are quick to talk about bad customer service, it’s nice to hear when a company goes above and beyond.

  3. I cannot live without my cup of coffee. I love my Keurig so much, it’s just so convenient. I usually use a french vanilla creamer with my coffee but lately I’ve been drinking it black. I’m hooked on my Folgers Gourmet Selections brand. It’s so good!

    1. My favorite is Folgers Gourmet Selection too! I’m hooked on the Vanilla Biscotti flavor. I use either the Natural Bliss Sweet Cream or Vanilla creamer in my coffee. You’re right- it’s so good!

    1. I have to admit that since I received this beautiful machine I am drinking more coffee than before. I don’t have a grinder but once I’m back in the states, I will probably invest in one and try different blends.

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