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Date Night With Jeremy

A few weeks before all the Ball craziness, Jeremy and I had a fun date night in Hiroshima. There was a Ramen Festival near Peace Park. Jeremy and I had been wanted to go to this festival for years but it always fell on a day when he had duty. This year it worked out where we could go after he got off work on Friday.

The festival was interesting. When we walked into the festival area, we had to purchase tickets for the ramen. Each bowl was ¥780 no matter which vendor you went to. There were different vendors from all over Japan and each vendor had a different type of ramen. Jeremy and I decided that we would each try two different vendors so that we could end up tasting 4 different ramen all together.

Before this festival I thought there were two types of broth- clear broth and creamy broth (or at least that’s what I called them). At the festival I found out there a bunch of different types: salt, seafood, miso, tonkotsu, miso, creamy, and soy sauce. I decided to start with creamy because that is usually my favorite type of broth. Jeremy started with a miso one. He also got all the add ons including a thousand year old egg. I know that’s not the real name for the egg but every time I have tried to eat on of those eggs, it tastes 1,000 years old. I don’t like them at all.

For our second round I tried the soy sauce and tonkotsu style and Jeremy tried a seafood ramen. I ended up loving the one I got. The noodles were a little thicker. Almost like udon  noodles but not quite as thick. I loved the broth. Jeremy’s ramen came in a really interesting set up. The different parts were separated on a tray and not all together in one bowl. It was interesting but it became cold really fast. Jeremy ended up eating half of my second bowl of ramen because it was so yummy.

The festival had a few other vendors selling things other than ramen. There were takoyaki, yakitori, and other items. We didn’t try anything other than the ramen because by the time we finished the ramen, they were closing up the festival for the day. Plus we were both really full.

To signal that they were closing the festival up, the workers started playing Auld Lang Syne on repeat through the speakers. Jeremy and I took our trash to one of the tents to throw it out. I was surprised to see that the Japanese separate the food waste from the plastic waste and recyclables.

All in all it was a really nice date night with my husband. I love Japanese festivals and I am starting to realize how much I will miss Japan when we move next year. I am trying to squeeze in as many adventures as possible before we leave.

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