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Delightfully Scary Fun Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to my readers in the States! Sorry this is posting later than normal. I got in later than I was expecting and have some cool things to share with you.

Today has been an interesting day to say the least. I went to Hiroshima with some new friends Sam and Jaime  (the couple I went to Costco with last week), and their friends Michael and Graham. We wanted to go try out the haunted house that we had been hearing about.  It is only going on until September 8th. The Japanese haunted houses are associated more with Obon than Halloween. Today was our only chance to visit it before it closed. This haunted house was located by the Hiroshima Carps stadium.


The name of this haunted house was The House of the Pomegranate Lady. I’m not sure of the background story for the house or anything like that. Google translate wasn’t making much sense when I attempted to translate the signs. Thankfully when it came to buying tickets both of the gentlemen by the entrance spoke English. It was easy to buy our tickets. Each ticket was ¥1,000.


After we bought our tickets one of the gentlemen gave us the rules. They were the usual no pictures or video (sorry I wanted to take pictures for y’all), no food or drink, blah blah blah. There was also rules saying no running (gulp!) and no stopping (double gulp!). We would have to continue moving at a steady pace and not touch the actors (I tried really hard to abide by this rule). Then they open the door and let us enter.

I knew that I was in trouble the first room we walked into. The first room we walked into had a mannequin/ actor with a chainsaw cutting a tree. Now a thing about me that y’all may not know is I have a HUGE fear of chainsaws. I can’t see them or hear them in person without freaking out. I use to have a reoccurring nightmare as a child of Bob Saget killing my family with a chainsaw. I don’t know what caused it but I can’t stand chainsaws now. Jeremy witnessed me barreling through a group of people and running full speed through a maze at a haunted house two years ago when someone started a chainsaw up behind me suddenly. When I heard about this haunted house I specifically asked if there were any chainsaws. The person told me no. SHE LIED!!! Thankfully I didn’t run through this group.

Anyways we rushed through that room through another door. This started winding us through a house. It looked like an ordinary Japanese house. I don’t want to give too much away in case others from the base want to go to it. The scariest part was when we entered a hallway I was at the back of the line. I was shutting the door to make sure nothing followed us. As I was shutting it I feel fingers around my hand. I turn and look and there is half a woman floating towards me and holding my hand!!! She had her hair in front of her face like every Japanese ghost you see in the movies and a bloody shirt. I screamed and pushed past some of the people in our group. Then the guys yelled “SHE’S CHASING US!!” and start pushing all of through a narrow door. This thing followed us for another three rooms. We broke the rules and ran!!! We were all scared.

It wasn’t the most elaborate haunted house I have been through but it definitely was the creepiest. You can’t tell the mannequins from the actors until something moves. They come out of the shadows to surprise you. This haunted house didn’t use a lot of sound things or flashing lights to scare you. It was more of you don’t know where the next scare is going to pop out type of scare. It was short too. I think we were only in there for 10 minutes. It probably would have been 15 minutes if we didn’t run from that one girl that chased us. Over all I recommend it.

Afterwards we went down to Hondori Street for dinner. One of the guys said he knew where a Turkish restaurant was so we headed over there. Unfortunately it was closed but they advertised belly dancers on Fridays so I am going back this week or next week. I can’t wait. I miss Turkish food and belly dancers!!!


We made our way back down Hondori Street to an Indian restaurant that Sam had directions to. We were all starving after the haunted house and really wanted ethnic food. We were all surprised to find out that it was Ganesh. Ganesh is a chain of restaurants here in Iwakuni. Its good Indian food but slightly pricey for the serving sizes. I got my usual of chicken tikka masala, garlic naan and mango lassi (yes I made sure to enter it all into my calorie tracker app). The food was delicious as usual.

After Ganesh we went across the way to Starbucks. I am so happy that the Japanese Starbucks started carrying Cool Lime Refreshers. It is my absolute favorite drink at Starbucks and I miss it. I really need to stock up on Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher drink mix when I go back to the states so I can have it more often at home. While I was ordering my drink, the gentleman taking my order was asking me if I was nervous about the typhoon. I told him I was excited for it which made him tell me I was crazy. Typhoon/ Tropical Storm Namtheum was suppose to hit today but all we got was rain but it wasn’t even heavy rain or high winds. It was a let down but I guess that is a good thing. The gentleman taking my drink showed me that he wrote my name in Japanese. One thing I love about Starbucks no matter where I go in the world, the employees at Starbucks are always very nice and they are very enthusiastic about their job.


We walked back down the length of Hondori Street again (gotta get my steps in!) while popping in and out of different stores. One of the stores we popped into was my favorite pet store. They have the cutest little animals but they are ridiculously expensive. One dog we saw was ¥700,000 ($7,000)!!! Of course all the cats are around $3,000-$5,000. They are soon cute but way to expensive!


While we were walking around I found a vending machine that sold bonnets for cats. I had to get one for Katniss. She hates it but I love it!


Today was a lot of fun. It was great to hang out with new friends. I miss Jeremy and I know he would have enjoyed going out with us. Maybe next year I can take to the haunted house. Or maybe there will be one open near Halloween. I will definitely be taking him the to Turkish restaurant when he gets back.

I have a crazy busy week coming up this week. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be able to see my adventures in real time. I am in love with the stories feature and will be using that often. The video clips that in today’s post are snippets from my story on Instagram.

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  1. Oh man, a long-haired ghost that chased you? That would have scared me sideways. I’ve been through the haunted house at Toei Studio. Very creepy. My fascination with Japanese folklore made it all so much worse, because I kept thinking of what might pop out at me next. Glad you had such a good time!

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