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Dreams For Plans

I will be the first to admit it. Since I stopped teaching in December, I haven’t really dived into exploring Japan as much as I use to. Yes, I haven’t exactly been hiding out in my apartment but I have been staying in my comfort zones by only going to the stores I know and the parts of Hiroshima I have been to repeatedly if I left Iwakuni. With my mom coming in the next month or so and hopefully getting a new camera this week I am getting the itch to start exploring again.

I have started doing research on different things I want to do. Here on base we have a service call Information, Tours & Travel (as known as ITT). They have many tours and trips listed that you can either do with them or use their services to book trips, make reservations, get toll information, and much more.


I have been using them a lot to learn about some of the upcoming festivals coming up. In the next few weeks we plan on going to a fox festival, a cow festival, an archery festival, a fire walking festival, a fishing festival, and several flowers festivals. Every weekend will have a new festival pretty much for the next couple of months.

In addition to the plethora of festivals coming up, there are also trips hosted by ITT and the Cultural Adaptation Program through the library. Some of those trips include to going to Mount Shosha, Himeji Castle, and Huis Ten Bosch to name a few places. The Cultural Adaptation Program also offers classes. I’m waiting for the new Preview magazine to come out so I can see what they have to offer in April.

I have also learn about different things going on around Japan from the selling pages. For example, just today I learned about the Tokotoko Train starting back up again. The Tokotoko Train is a train ride through some tunnels that are decorated in blacklight paint and blacklights. I also found out about Wisteria tunnels near Fukuoka, Hanami festivals happening around the Kintai, Ladies Tea activities, and the Glass House (a pottery painting place about 2 hours from here).

I’ve found out about a few aquariums and zoos nearby. Plus Kyoto will be having big celebrations for the Geishas all through April. And then there is hidden places like a bakery designed to look like the bakery in Kiki’s Delivery Service. I have also found some shrines and temples nearby that I want to check out.

I plan on staying busy the next few weeks. Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to tell you all about all of my adventures. I just need to figure out what order I want to see everything.

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