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Encountering New Horizons

Today has been a very busy day yet it feels like I haven’t done much. While I was busy cleaning up our hotel room Jeremy was dealing with the housing department. We are moving into our apartment Friday morning! I can see our new apartment from our bed. I’m happy it’s close. It will make moving easier. 

This evening I started my new job. I will be teaching English through art to some Japanese children two evenings a week. Tonight was so much fun. Typically the children do arts that correspond with a letter of the alphabet. Tonight was a free craft night. The kids decided to either make paper airplanes or to make ornaments for the tanabata tree. I got to do origami for the first time ever. It was so much fun. The kids seem really shy around me but they’ll warm up as they get to know me. 

I got to bring home one of the tanabata trees. I learned that the festival is called the Star Festival. The ornaments are suppose to be wishes.  In the next day or two I’m suppose to throw my tanabata tree into the river with everyone else’s trees. They are suppose to look like the Milky Way floating down the river with everyone’s else’s wishes. 

One the way home tonight we stopped off at a 7-11 (I still can’t get over that we have 7-11s here). They have so many different types of ready made food there. There are whole meals you can get or sushi or quick random things like coffee mixed with jello or noodles in a hot dog bun or soft serve ice cream in a cone (prepackaged and ready to go). Definitely not like the gas stations back home. 

All in all this was another great day in Japan. I’m really happy this is my home now. 🙂

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