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Exploring Charleston’s Charm (Charleston Part Two)

I  love Charleston. The history, the people, and the food are fascinating to me. My mother and I enjoyed exploring Charleston during our girls’ getaway. Charleston offers so much to anyone who visits. There are many museums and historic homes to tour for history buffs. There are a variety of bars and clubs for those needing the nightlife scene. There are also a variety of tours including history, ghost, and movie history tours. I have been on a few of the ghost tours over the years. They are all really great and interesting. You can visit Charleston multiple times and have a different style trip each time. But the thing that never changes is how nice people are. It isn’t unusual for random people to talk to you or invite you to join them at their table for dinner or drinks. It is the easiest town to make friends.

As mentioned in my previous post, for dinner we went to Saffron on the night we arrived. The restaurant also offered a wide variety of pastries and breads available for purchase. They also offered a variety of food items from around the world and a large selection of teas. The food was delicious and the desserts we took back to cottage. Unfortunately I was so hungry I forgot to take pictures before I ate my delicious food. I’m sorry.

After we checked out 22 Charlotte Bed and Breakfast, mom and I walked around Charleston. We both love the houses in the historic district and checking out Battery Park. While we were in the park, we found a 6 foot tall chicken hanging out by a gazebo with dozens of red solo cups and deodorants. It was a bizarre sight but it turns out he was part of a scavenger hunt. I’m not sure what the scavenger hunt was for but it looked like fun. I love scavenger hunts. I wish more people did them. I would love to take part in one.

I took the opportunity to experiment with taking different types of pictures. I am still trying to figure out what is my style of photography.

For lunch, mom and I went to Fleet Landing Restaurant. It over looks the harbor and offers delicious seafood and low country food. I loved their fried green tomato stack.

While the trip was a short one, it was well needed. Both mom and I got a chance to relax and explore a city we love. I’m hoping once we are living in the states again that I can go visit more often. Hopefully one day I will get the opportunity to live there. Until then I will visit whenever I get the chance.

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