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Feeling Spoiled And Beautiful

One of the questions I get asked occasionally is why my skin looks so good in pictures. I’m the worse person to ask this to because I really don’t do much but what I realized the other day is that everything I use for skin care is from one company. I realized this when I was opening a package from our friends, Michael and Jessica, that included my latest order from Perfectly Posh and some new samples of great stuff to try. I figured it would be a great time to tell y’all about them.

Perfectly Posh is a great company that uses quality natural ingredients and is manufactured in the United States. They don’t use any chemical colors in their products so they are great for people like me who are sensitive to those. They are safe for kids and pets too (yes Katniss has used some of these products).


The first product I ever tried from Perfectly Posh was their Snarky Bar. My sister told me to start exfoliating before the makeup to help with making the makeup look better for the wedding. I was having a hard time finding something that wouldn’t be too harsh on my skin but still work. Another friend who sold Perfectly Posh mentioned the Snarky Bar. It is a soap with shea and walnut scrub. She let me try a sample and it was great! It didn’t irritate my skin and my face felt so much softer and smoother after one use. So I ordered a full bar. That bar lasted a long time- about 5 months. Jeremy knew I had it but I didn’t know he used it until I noticed that he’s face was suddenly clearing up. Turns out he was using it when he showered too.

Jeremy and I before using Perfectly Posh


Jeremy now after using Posh products

After moving out here to Japan, our friend Jessica became a consultant for Perfectly Posh. I started to order my snarky bars from her. I then started buying more products because I saw her posts about how great the stuff was. The first new product I tried was Stripper.


The Stripper is amazing. It is a detoxifying mud mask. I love how it tingles when you first put it on. It smells really good which I haven’t found to be the case with other mud masks. It looks so gross after it dries because you can see all the oils and junk it pulls out of the skin. Afterwards, my skin feels so clean and soft. Even Jeremy uses this weekly.


IMG_7005When Jessica heard I was having issues sleeping, she recommended the Sleepy Sleep Stick. It is a shea and beeswax stick LOADED with lavender essential oils. It smells incredible. I rub it on my temples, under my nose, and on my wrists (I sleep with my hands in front of my face sometimes). I helps relax me to sleep. This is one the products I have used on Katniss. When she was really little, she would work herself up and stress herself out meowing. I would rub this on the pads of her feet and she quiet down with in a few moments. Within 5 to 10 minutes she was asleep. She loves this stick. She has stolen it a few times.


Around Christmas time I ordered Lil Ginger Gets Snappy because I love anything ginger scented. I was not prepared for this lotion. This lotion smells so amazing people have asked me if I was baking before I came out. It smells like a bag of Gingersnaps. I love it because it is think but not greasy. You can lather this on and turn a doorknob afterwards. I also love how this lotion doesn’t wash off easily. I don’t feel the need to use lotion after washing my hands because they still feel soft and smell delicious. I’m definitely ordering a lot more of these when Christmas back around.


In the same order of the Lil Ginger Body Butter I ordered the Gender Bender Bath Bar. It’s a charcoal soap that is great for acne (especially body acne) but also great for getting stains out of clothes. Jeremy likes using it as well. It has a light scent to it and it is much larger than a normal soap bar.

In the package we just received, Jessica included a bunch of samples. I wish she hadn’t because now I want to buy the full size of practically all of them. I’m going to go broke now. Thanks Jessica.


One of the samples I was really excited to try was the Perk! Skin Stick. It similar to the Sleepy Sleep Stick except this one is loaded with peppermint and other essential oils. It is amazing on headaches and neck pains. I have been dealing with tension headaches since October. I was put on medicine to help with the pain but it doesn’t always work. Since using the Perk! Skin Stick daily for a week, I haven’t felt the need to take the medicine. I’m not the only one who enjoys it. When Katniss was in heat she was SCREAMING like she was hurting (one of the reasons we are getting her fixed earlier than we were planning). Desperate to help sooth her I rubbed some on the inside of her ears and on the pads of her feet. She quieted quite a bit. It seemed as if it was helping her. I will be buying more of this soon.


I love face masks but haven’t tried too many because my skin can be sensitive sometimes. I was really excited to try In A New York Minute because this was a fast mask that only took a few minutes to use. Great for busy moms. It doesn’t really have a scent but it did leave my face as soft as when I used the Stripper. I will probably buy more of this once we use up the Stripper. I’m only making that face because I realized how pale I am when a white face mask blends in with my skin unless it’s really thick.


I really like Amaaazing. It is a yummy smelling hand lotion. It smells EXACTLY like peppermint tea with honey. It’s not as strong smelling as Lil Ginger but makes for a great everyday hand lotion.


Just Like Heaven reminds me of my Grandma but in a good way. It’s a soft floral scent that reminds me of her garden. I really want to order this. I would wear this everyday if I did. Like Lil Ginger, it stays on even after washing your hands which surprised me because it is a much lighter feeling lotion. This lotion also isn’t greasy feeling. I really like this lotion a lot.


If you have read my blog or know me in real life, you know I’m addicted to EOS chapsticks. Caramel Cray Cray may break that addiction. It goes on just as smoothly as EOS but its coverage lasts longer. It’s not sticky at all. It feels like a really nice lip gloss. But I do need to warn you. If you’re on diet, do not buy this. It smells so much like caramel it will make you hungry and it tastes delicious if you lick it. This will give you the munchies.


The final sample Jessica sent me was Enlightened. It is a shea butter and olive oil soap. It smells like fancy hotel soap but leaves your hands so much softer. I have replaced our normal hand soap in the bathroom with this. I will definitely be buying more of this in the future. I simply love it.

If you are interested in trying Perfectly Posh, please check them out here. You can also contact Jessica on Facebook if you have any questions. She is amazing and responds quickly. She also isn’t a pushy salesperson and will give you an honest answer.

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  1. Wow! I have got to try these products. I could almost smell and taste each one of them as you described them. I can’t wait to place my first order. Do you have anyone here in the US i can order from?

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